Sunday, March 29, 2009

Does Andy Samberg Have a New Girlfriend? Is it Aubrey Plaza?

UPDATE: Andy was never going out with Aubrey Plaza. They are just friends. At the time of this video and up to the current time (Oct 09), Andy has been dating Joanna Newsom, the singer.

4/25/09 Update: Aubrey Plaza confirmed with us that it is her in this picture.

3/29/09 Update: Aubrey's sister, Renee, confirmed that Aubrey is not dating Andy, and she has a boyfriend.


So what everybody wants to know is if Andy Samberg has a new girlfriend.

Andy hasn't mentioned Joanna lately, and he hasn't been seen with her either. He even described his latest vacation and trip home, and it was alone. No mention of Joanna.

Hard to tell if Andy has a new girlfriend. We received confirmation, that it's not this girl:

Who is this?

Well, at the end of the video they yell "Parks & Recreation," which is the new show that Aziz (we think he's the friend Andy's with) and Amy Poehler are on:

Seeing how Andy is friends with both Aziz (Andy appeared on Aziz's Human Giant show) and Amy (Andy did SNL with Amy and they've hung out quite a few times; Amy's husband was in Hot Rod), it makes sense that he's hanging with the cast.

So who is the girl then?

Well, it's hard to tell, but our best guess seems to be another cast member on Parks & Recreation...

Aubrey Plaza:

(Confirmed: Aubrey Plaza told us that it was her)

She's a stand-up comedian who is starting to get a little bit more famous. Check out her hilarious Sarah Silverman impression:

She's a currently unknown actress who's found some experience with comics mostly. Such as the Jeannie Tate show:

Here she plays Tina Tate on The Jeannie Tate Show:

She might be unknown now, but after "Parks & Recreation," "Funny People," and "Scott Pilgrim VS The World" are seen, she's going to be very famous.

Aubrey Plaza of Small Wonder Productions is an actress and stand-up comedian who began acting at age 8.

She might have first met Andy when she interned at Saturday Night Live as a set designer.

Aubrey Plaza is an actress and comedian who has worked extensively with the Upright Citizens Brigade. On January 14, 2008, The Hollywood Reporter printed Plaza would join the cast of the untitled Office spinoff. She will play an intern in a small town's park and recreation department. Her boss will be played by Amy Poehler.

Also in January 2008, Plaza was added to the cast Scott Pilgrim vs the World. In Scott Pilgrim she will play the secondary character's (played by Michael Cera) girlfriend with a hot temper.

Here Aubrey is in Anti-Drug Dog, a fake commercial:

So she probably got onto the show (Parks & Recreations) due to her work with the Upright Citizens Brigade, which is owned by Amy Poehler. So Amy Poehler is still her boss (on the new show too).


"The Internet is pretty much how I got where I am." —Aubrey Plaza, on her career

"I play a kind of a young Janeane Garofalo. The great thing about the part is that she’s the girlfriend, but she’s really funny too. And Judd lets me say crazy things." —Aubrey Plaza, on her role in Funny People

And here is Aubrey as Daddy's Little Judge:

Plaza, 24, is the daughter of Bernadette Plaza of Woodbrook and David Plaza of Alapocas; and her younger sisters are Natalie and Renee (see Renee's comment below).

Plaza, a veteran in improv and in acting, is in the upcoming Judd Apatow movie "Funny People."

She graduated in 2006 from New York University and while living in New York has done a variety of things: A set design internship at "Saturday Night Live," a play (the Natalie Wood role in what she called a bad adaptation of "Rebel Without a Cause" -- so bad that when one character yelled "shoot him," the audience would chime in), a walk-on on "30 Rock," (she was leading a tour, just like she used to do as an NBC page), independent film, work for the Web (such as "Jeannie Tate," a series about a soccer mom with a talk show in her minivan) and live comedy (such as Bombardo, an all-female improv group).

As a comic, Plaza said she was inspired by Janeane Garofalo and used some of her bits early in her career.

She's been to Los Angeles enough to appear before casting directors ("it's like dating") that she cracks wise about that city, too. "I like driving in L.A. At least you have normal thoughts in the morning: 'I hope I'm not late.' In New York, on my way to work in the morning on the subway, I hope that homeless guy doesn't hit me with that mannequin hand."

Plaza's breakthrough role might be that part in "Funny People": A young Delawarean who improvises and does stand-up comedy (does that sound familiar?).

The cast did some public bonding together, which generated this squib in Entertainment Weekly about "three of its leading actors, Seth Rogan, Adam Sandler, and Jonah Hill. ... The yuksters made two appearances at the L.A. outpost of Upright Citizens Brigade (capacity: 92) along with 'The King of Queens' star Kevin James and newcomer Aubrey Plaza, all so they could hone their stand-up skills."

So is it Aubrey Plaza that Andy Samberg is with in this video?

Time will tell!



Anonymous said...

come on guys, seriously???!

Ed Price said...

Yeah, this is serious. We're not sure if it's Aubrey though.

Did you watch her Sarah Silverman impression? It's hilarious!!!


Anonymous said...

No- that you seriously are going to this trouble posting all of this personal garb about Andy and/or his relationships. Not a slam on her- she's a hoot!

Ed Price said...

If you rephrase that as a question, we'll answer it. Otherwise we'll just leave it as a comment. =^)



reneeplaza said...

hahaha thats my sister shes not dating andy she has a boyfriend!!! hahaha

Ed Price said...

Cool. Thanks Renee! Aubrey's very funny!

Did Aubrey intern for SNL? Someone said that, but we didn't see anything official about that.

Was Aubrey the girl in the picture, or was it someone else?



Ed Price said...

Renee, tell Aubrey that we started a blog for her! We'll post 1-3 times a week. If you, Dan, or she sends us any info then we'll post that too.

You can contact us at TheAnimationEmpire at Yahoo dot com.

To answer one of my own questions... yes, Aubrey used to be an intern for SNL. That's probably where she met Andy. It also helped her get a recurring guest appearance on 30 rock as a... wait for it... NBC page. And I'm sure that helped her get her role on Parks and Recreation since she (1) was an intern, (2) already played one on 30 Rock, and (3) probably knew Amy Poehler well because of her work for UCB and SNL.



Wanna-B-Miss-Samberg said...

Seriously!!! OMG that is not her sister in that comment and they obviously are dating. dang. look at how he was holding her. RRRR Now I feel like killing myself. ANDY, go back single!! I love you!! I want you all for myself

Ed Price said...

Miss Samberg,

Pretty sure it was her sister. Aubrey and her siblings are pretty wired.

Plus Andy was seen with Joanna right before this and right after this.

Plus Aubrey typically hangs with guy friends so its natural that the two were chummy like this. They've probably been friends since Aubrey interned at SNL in the 2005-2006 season, which was Andy's first season on SNL.


Lonna said...

I need an update on this! But he's supposed to be with me! Lonna + Andy = Crazy Delicious!

Ed Price said...


The update is that Andy is dating Joanna Newsom, a musician. He was dating her at this time when he was hanging with Aubrey. Aubrey and Andy are just friends. Thanks!

Oh, and thanks for the link. =^)


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