Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Andy Samberg is filming I HATE YOU DAD (with Adam Sandler)

Here is a pic from the I Hate You Dad table read:

Thanks to Freya for the scoop!


Falcor Vs. Atreyu (Classy Skit #1) - The Lonely Island

This is Andy and Jorma joking around.

I don't know, man. At first I thought this isn't all that classy or great.

But then it started to wear on me, and it at least makes me smile.

What do you think?


Monday, May 30, 2011

"No Homo" song - The Lonely Island

WARNING: Explicit lyrics at the end.

So this is a song that explains the silly phrase "no homo."

Funny, but I think they took it too far at the end. What do you think?

And here's the Outro version:

They went all out for that brief version.

Buy off iTunes.

Did you like it?


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Andy Samberg & The Lonely Island on G4

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Watch Me Do Me (Classy Skit #2) - The Lonely Island

Hmm. Pretty gross.

So my guess is that Jorma was pitching this as a song (thus the song-like beginning), and they decided to just turn it into a short skit and not invest time into making it a full song.

Also the way this song begins sounds a LOT like "We're Back", so they probably decided to go with that as the full song instead.

Thoughts? Do you like this?


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Andy Samberg & The Lonely Island - Rolling Stone interview

Lonely Island 'SNL' comedy crew talk new album

Lonely Island, the comedy music crew led by Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg, recently sat down with Rolling Stone's Patrick Doyle to discuss their brand new album Turtleneck & Chain. The band reveal what inspired the album's title; explain how they got Akon, Beck and Michael Bolton on the record; and clear up a common misconception about their hit song 'Ji$$ In My Pants.' "I think 'Ji$$ In My Pants' is popular because everyone has experienced that," Jorma Taccone says. "It's not based on a real life experience any of us have had. We absolutely don't do that! Ever!"

Hahahaha. The dudes barely take the poor interviewer seriously.

Did you like it?

Not much truthful here that's news, except maybe their love of Marx Brothers, which they've already revealed.


The Lonely Island - Mama (Turtleneck & Chain Album)

UPDATED: Replaced the video with a current one and added the track list for the album. Originally posted 5/18.

WARNING: Explicit lyrics.

Remember to buy if you're going to be listening to it more than now.

Tracklist :

01.The Lonely Island - We're Back!
02.The Lonely Island - Mama
03.The Lonely Island Ft. Akon - I Just Had Sex
04.The Lonely Island Ft. Michael Bolton - Jack Sparrow
05.The Lonely Island Ft. Beck - Attracted To Us
06.The Lonely Island - Rocky
07.The Lonely Island - My Mic
08.The Lonely Island Ft. Snoop Dogg - Turtle Neck & Chain
09.The Lonely Island Ft. Rihanna - Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde
10.The Lonely Island - Trouble on Dookie Island
11.The Lonely Island - Falcor vs. Atreyu (Classy Skit #1)
12.The Lonely Island Ft. Justin Timberlake - Motherlover
13.The Lonely Island Ft. Nicki Minaj & John Waters - The Creep
14.The Lonely Island - Watch Me Do Me (Classy Skit #2)
15.The Lonely Island - Threw It on the Ground
16.The Lonely Island - Japan
17.The Lonely Island Ft. Santigold - After Party
18.The Lonely Island - No Homo
19.The Lonely Island - No Homo Outro


Friday, May 27, 2011

The Lonely Island- Turtleneck and Chain ALBUM REVIEW

Review from The Needle Drop:

Turtleneck and Chain has some pretty memorable tacks on it, to be honest. Some of these might be the best this comedy rap outfit has ever penned. "I Just Had Sex" has already blown most of their other videos away on the view count, and the title track is a hilarious piece of wardrobe humor I've never really heard them dive into before.

The features here are pretty nice. I heard everybody from Beck to Michael Bolton on here. I guess my only problem is some of these tracks aren't that funny to me at all. Some even fail to reach a level of ridiculousness some of the other tracks do. I'd figure with a song like "I Just Had Sex" on there, songs like "The Creep" would have some kind of bar to reach for when it came to jokes and gags.

Plus, it sort of bugs me that this music sounds exactly like the style of pop rap it's trying to create a slight parody of. I guess you should keep your enemies close, but we're so close it's hard to tell what the relationship Lonely Island has with this music really is. Maybe they're "frenemies"?

Either way, tracks like "Jack Sparrow" and "Throw It On the Ground" are refreshingly absurd, letting go of any perceived need to make sense. That, to me, is where I really get something out of this album. The $ jokes are alright, too.

What do you think of this LP? Love it? Hate it? What do you think of comedy in music?

What do you think of this review?


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Andy Samberg interviewed by Bert from Sesame Street (part 2)

Conversations With Bert: Andy Samberg, Part 2

Sesame Street's Bert continues his interview with comedian and Saturday Night Live cast member, Andy Samberg, this time tackling the important subjects of bottle caps, paper clips and pigeons.


Is that the best dry white toast joke ever or what?


New Saturday Night Live cast photo

Thanks to Freya for the scoop!

Who do you think is going to leave now that the season is over?

- Fred Armisen (been on awhile and has another show)?
- Kenan Thompson (been on awhile)?
- Kristen Wiig (film career)?
- Andy Samberg (films and albums)?
- Bill Hader or Jason Sudeikis (films)

Honestly I don't think Andy, Bill, or Jason have anything to go do yet (or not that they have proven).

Kristen's Bridesmaids is doing decently enough and proving that she can star in films, but is one film enough proof for her to leave and go for it? On the plus side, she already has another director writing for her next film with Friends with Kids. It's going to be easy to motivate others to write for her if she makes her own hits like Bridesmaids.

Jason's Hall Pass barely survived, but he's got another shot coming up with Horrible Bosses. Bill has even less of a shot, with a long shot (Skeleton Twins), a bit role in MIB3, and a rumored larger role in Ghostbusters 3 coming up.

Andy has one starring role coming up (I Hate You Dad with Adam Sandler) and several supporting roles, but he could always do a TV show with TLI or another album.

Fred Armisen is Brainy in the Smurfs film and Speedy Gonzalez on Looney Tunes (Kristen is Lola Bunny). I think Fred will become mostly a voice actor.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Andy Samberg & Justin Timberlake in Mozart (SNL Dress Rehearsal)

A Justin Timberlake Dress Rehearsal Exclusive!

Andy plays one the mischevious friend of Mozart.

This one obviously ran too long for the jokes it got. It was amusing, but it was fairly similar to the immigrants one they did previously, so I can see why it got cut.

The crowd loved Justin's Bieber line. And of course it ended well...

"I'm bringing sexy, Bach."

Hahahahaha. Nice.

I think this skit would have been better if Justin sang and or danced as Mozart, kind of like John Belushi did as Bach back in 1975.


SNL Skit - Amusement Ride part 2 (with Justin Timberlake)

When a carnival ride breaks down, the animatronic characters have their eyes on a lovely lady.

Sketch - Merryville Love Tunnel

Justin Timberlake ... robot
Paul Brittain ... robot
Bill Hader ... robot
Taran Killam ... robot
Bobby Moynihan ... Doug
Nasim Pedrad ... girl
Jason Sudeikis ... Todd

The robots return in Taran Killam's AMAZING robot skit. The original was my favorite skit in the Jim Carrey episode.

And Justin Timberlake does a great job as a robot as they keep the robot idea fresh. This could and should be a regular skit they keep bringing back.

So no Andy in this skit, but I love this skit and hope they keep it coming in future seasons.

Did you like it? I also would love to see Andy as a robot in a skit like this. What do you think?


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lady Gaga talks Three Way on the radio

Click here to download and listen (she talks about Three-Way at about 8:30):


So they were a little embarassed explaining the skit to Lady Gaga.

Thanks to Freya for the scoop!

And now here are all the photos we can find with both Andy Samberg and Lady Gaga in them...

Shy Ronnie 2 now on YouTube

The Lonely Island strikes again and gets NBC's permission to post Shy Ronnie 2 on YouTube...

Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde (feat. Rihanna)

Buy at iTunes: http://goo.gl/zv4o9
New album on sale now! http://turtleneckandchain.com/

Which song did you like better, Shy Ronnie 1 or 2?

Did you like it better musically or because of the video?

And do you think Shy Ronnie 2 is going to get an Emmy nom, or is it too similar?


Monday, May 23, 2011

Andy Samberg as Nicholas Cage interviewing Bradley Cooper

Actor Nicolas Cage has some serious questions for Bradley about why he wasn't in 'Hangover 2.'

It's cute, and Andy Samberg keeps "Get in the Cage" alive for a second appearance. Bradley Cooper is a good sport to appear on the show for this, and with Ed Helms hosting previously, it's good to see film's top star, Bradley Cooper, making the SNL round.

It's going to be a shame to not to see Andy's Cage impression if he doesn't return to SNL.

Do you like Andy's Nicholas Cage impression? How would you rate it?


The Lonely Island - Turtleneck & Chain (song) Featuring Snoop Dogg

Updated with new vid and the chipmunk version. Originally posted on 5/17/11.

Here's the song. Make sure you buy it though if you're going to listen to it. It's probably just $1 for the single.

It's a little silly, even musically, but it's catchy.

And here's the chipmunk version:

Do you like it?

I think Andy's funny. He raps his part in his Mark Wahlberg impression voice! I hope they make a video for this!

Do you think they should?


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Box Boys are Back: Three Way (Golden Rule) with Andy Samberg, Justin Timberlake, and Lady Gaga

When there's two guys and only one girl just remember the golden rule.

I was actually hoping they wouldn't pull out these characters again, because I was afraid that they couldn't make it funny enough a third time.

So how do you think they did?

Kudos for adding Lady Gaga and thus giving the song more musical variety (and possibly a third Emmy nom for these characters).

Also, like Mother Lover before it, Three Way marks the first song of The Lonely Island's potential third album. =^)

Second question: Now that the season is over (season 36 of SNL), what digital short songs (if any) will get nominated for an Emmy?

Jack Sparrow, the Creep, and I Just Had Sex are probably out of the running since they fall more into music video that aired on SNL (a technicality), which leaves Three Way, What Was That?, Shy Ronnie 2, and I Broke My Arm (possibly Boogerman). The only ones to take seriously for an Emmy nom are Three Way and Shy Ronnie 2 (which musically is better than the first, but very similar). My guess is that since Shy Ronnie 2 is so similar to the first one and the first one already got an Emmy nom, then it's probably out as well.

Leave a comment with your thoughts on this video and Andy's Emmy possibilities for this season!


Bert from Sesame Street interviews Andy Samberg

I'm not sure how much kid-friendly stuff Andy does (no songs come to mind), but here he is with Bert:

Conversations With Bert: Andy Samberg, Part 1

Sesame Street's Bert sits down with comedian and Saturday Night Live cast member, Andy Samberg, to talk about life, literature, cuisine and of course, socks.

This is part 1. Part 2 is coming!

Thanks to Freya for the scoop!


Just when you think Sesame Street is no longer palatable to an adult audience and has an entertainment flavor profile crafted especially for kids, the pop culturally hip and online video savvy individuals at the Sesame Workshop kick it up a notch.

BAM! There’s Cookie Monster auditioning for SNL. BAM! There’s Oscar the Grouch making his Oscar predictions. BAM! There’s Bert doing his best Charlie Rose impression interviewing Andy Samberg.

Samberg tries to keep a straight face for five minutes and 20 seconds while sitting across from an animated puppet who talks about reading depressed Russian novelists and longing for 5th Century European footwear.

Bert’s no Zach Galifianakis or Michael Showalter, at leat not yet. But I’d still add Conversations with Bert to my list of Must Watch Online Original Faux Interview Series. Part two of his never-before-seen Andy Samberg conversation drops today, Sunday, May 22, the day after the Saturday Night Live season finale. Stay tuned.

Text from:

Thanks to Baylee for the scoop as well!

What did you think? Who from Sesame Street would you want to interview Andy Samberg?

I'd want the Count. And from Muppets, I'd want Swedish Chef. =^)


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake to do a 3rd 90's R&B song tonight!

 Timberlake & Samberg -- New 'Mother Loverin' Photos!

Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg were re-donning their awesome '90s R+B suits for another "D**k in a Box" type "SNL" skit in NYC yesterday ... and now TMZ has the pics!!!

Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson were also on set -- sporting the kind of lingerie they wore back in the "Mother Lover" video back in 2009.

More photos after the jump:

Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga SNL Promo

Justin Timberlake hosts the season finale 5/21 with musical guest Lady Gaga.

Not as funny as the Andy bits, but pretty good.

Last time Lady Gaga was on, she and Andy did a bit where they both came out in bubble costumes and fell in love. Are you expecting any Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and Andy Samberg goodness tonight?


Friday, May 20, 2011

Andy Samberg & Justin Timberlake - SNL Promo

Hahahaha. The twin sisters bit is asking to be a skit.

And I love the Halloween bit at the end! It's the "how" kind of humor where the "what" isn't all that funny, but it's strange and they nailed it!

What do you think?


Andy Samberg - Ryan Seacrest interview

Andy Samberg talks about the SNL season finale.

Thanks to Amy H for the scoop!

Audio here:

Or just the audio if the video above doesn't work for you:


SNL’s funny guy Andy Samberg phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Thursday to chat upcoming SNL finale with Justin Timberlake and musical guest Lady Gaga.

As for how Andy and Justin come up with the hilarious material, (a la “D*** In A Box), Andy explains, “it’s kind of just lock the door and throw out every idea every one has and see what sticks.” Adding, “we’re stil sort of just right in the middle of it so I couldnt give you a spoiler even if I wanted to.”

Andy goes on to explain they then contemplate, “is it going to be a song or something else or more sketchy or impression, character based.” Furthering, “then we talk it down with him and everyone meets with him… wait until there are the main picks and then you decide what the show needs as well.”

As far as musical guest Lady Gaga goes, Samberg suggests the mother of all monsters may be doing more than just singing! Expressing, “I certainly hope so” as for if she’ll participate in the funny, adding, “she’s a born entertainer, she was ‘Born This Way’.”

Andy also says:

I'm glad I can help (about Michael Bolton). He came tough on that track, right?

I swam with sharks. Did you swin with hunks?



Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Attracted to Us" song - The Lonely Island with Beck

Attracted To Us (Ft. Beck) - Turtleneck And Chain


So funny. I really hope they make this one as a music video. So well done (musically).

So this plays off the same theme as Shy Ronnie.

Remember to buy off iTunes if you're going to listen to it. And...


Monday, May 16, 2011

Just Received my signed Lonely Island LP in the mail!

Hey! Ryan here. First of all I just wanted to say thanks for all the support over the years for Thelonelyislandfan.com. You may notice the site isn't up. I decided to change focus a bit and strictly stay with a "Hot Rod" theme to it, so watch out for www.rodkimble.com soon!

Mainly my post is about the new Lonely Island album. I just received my autographed LP set in the mail and it's awesome!!! They package contains 1 bare LP case signed and along with that a sealed LP, so now I can use the bare cover for framing and display! AWESOME!

Michael Bolton speaks about his Andy Samberg/TLI song "Jack Sparrow"

Michael Bolton, featured on “Jack Sparrow”

How did you first get into the Lonely Island?
I was in the studio working on my last CD, and there were computer screens everywhere, and three or four guys were glued to a screen—and they were definitely not working on the music. They said, “You gotta see this!” And it was the Lonely Island boys, in “* in a Box.” In short order we found Natalie Portman, which is another sick and shocking Lonely Island–guys brand of comedy. Very, very funny stuff.

Was there a particular video that made you laugh on SNL?
I don’t recall seeing Natalie on SNL—maybe there was a lot of bleeping. Of course, “Ji$$ in My Pants.” Sorry if the spelling’s wrong. I’ve never written ji$$ before this!

Were you at all surprised when they reached out to you?
Yes, pleasantly surprised. I thought the guys were hilarious and couldn’t believe what they pulled off and how well it was shot and executed.

What was your reaction when you first heard the demo for “Jack Sparrow”?
I thought the visual would be insane but the original lyric was nasty! It was funny for sure, shocking to put it mildly, but too far for me.

Had you done much comedy before?
Just walk-on parts as myself in some Dangerfield films. And finding the “funny” is the first rule in my life.

How was the recording process?
The process was easy except for my schedule, as I was touring steadily. We found a studio in Atlanta to go into and do my vocals. They Skyped me and produced as I sang. It was actually fun doing layers of harmonies to their tracks, but we worked until, I think, 2am, all with a show coming up that night. I appreciated them wanting it all to be done right and hanging in there online until we all thought, “We’ve got it.” That’s when I thought, Ruh-roh, there’s some interesting lyrics going on here.

Did you have any reservations about any of the lyrics? Either the silliness (“The Jester of Tortuga!”) or the saucy quotes (“This whole town’s a pu$$y just waitin’ to get bon*d”)? Or can it be a relief for a “serious” artist to do something playful?
If you had only seen the lyrics Andy was pitching to me earlier you’d know what a relief this version was. Andy has no reservations when it comes to an all-new lower level of illness in the dialog. Some of it was immediately laugh-out-loud freakin’ funny, too, but I couldn’t go there. This one [“This whole town’s a pu$$y.”] is definitely an out-of-character quote for me at the end of the song, but it’s perfectly in character with Pacino’s masterpiece portrayal of Tony in Scarface. Which, of course, is one of my favorite films. I wish they had let me do more speaking in this one. Maybe next time. And yes, it’s a relief to have fun in the skin of different characters and to just have a moment where you can say * it, let’s have some fun with this!


Thanks to Anony for the scoop!

So this is what I took away...
- Michael Bolton first heard of TLI from their 2006 hits (* in a Box was Christmas 06), and he's been a fan, so he was definitely excited to do this with them.
- He required a rewrite process because he didn't want it to be nasty shock comedy.
- They Skyped to produce Bolton in the studio (due to his schedule).

Overall, I have to agree with Bolton. While I loved the shock comedy of Natalie's Rap, their funniest stuff goes a little too far. It's when the song is all about going too far that I lose interest and don't find it funny. For example, they lost me with Sloths, Giraffes, Roy Rules, and now We're Back. I think the shock can be funny when it's in moderation.

So I think Jack Sparrow is an even funnier song because of Bolton's push back.

What do you think?


Andy Samberg & Justin Timberlake's Mother Lover now on YouTube!

TLI convinced NBC to let them put Mother Lover on their YouTube channel!

So hopefully this means easier viewing for you non-staters.

WARNING: Explicit lyrics!

From The Lonely Island's new album TURTLENECK & CHAIN in stores MAY 10th!
Featuring Justin Timberlake!
Happy Mother's Day!

Footage courtesy of NBC Universal for promotional use only.

This is also a good reminder that Justin Timberlake is hosting this week! Anybody excited about that? What do you think they'll do?


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Empire Udpate: Easter Bunny Takes Over Christmas

Check out this trailer we made for our upcoming cartoon.

Jon Canham animated this wonderful trailer (and soon to be animated short) that follows the Easter Bunny's diabolical schemes to stop Christmas. Only the chosen one can save Christmas... Donner the Retired Reindeer!!!

Check out Jon's other animations, including his "Frank N Steve" series over on his channel, MiddleDistanceProduc:

PaperPeopleJokes called our Easter Bunny Charlie Sheen.
Anyway, here is some info...

SOFTWARE: Anime Studio
WRITER & DIRECTOR: Ed 'word' Price
DONNER: Dave Stuchkus


Please check out our other wonderful-ish animations...

Pirates of the Caribbean Parody: http://youtube.com/watch?v=jHPDINRTDy0

Fruits VS Bugs - Agent Pineapple Steals: http://youtube.com/watch?v=j40Fn0rzlAs

Thanksgiving Cartoon - Gurkel's Revenge: http://youtube.com/watch?v=5ArXuSTuQYQ

Farmville Parody: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Voel8Uj59XE

Dr. Octagonapus (53K+ views): http://youtube.com/watch?v=qW2H2fGOlhw

Ducks Playing Duck Hunt (80K+ views): http://youtube.com/watch?v=Zkcj-A1lLEk

Thanks for watching!


Andy Samberg is One Take Tony (SNL)

You may recall the work of Humphrey Bogart, Harry Belafonte, and Fred Astaire, but you probably don't remember One-Take Tony.

So this is Andy's largest offering this week (with only two). Andy often takes it easy for a week after a big release like a musical digital short (but if the guest host demands Andy, then he's on, so Ed Helms probably wasn't doing a ton of demanding who to work with).

Anyway, the end result is just the two skits (this one and "Song Memories").

I hope Andy pulls out all the stops for Justin Timberlake in the season finale next week. (AKA a musical digital short.)

I'm not sure if they'll do a third version of the characters from Junk in a Box and Mother Lover, but we'll see. It obviously won't be from the Turtleneck and Chain album (since there is no Timberlake song on it other than Mother Lover).

That also makes me wonder if Andy will turn any other Turtleneck and Chain songs into digital shorts (aka music videos). They could release them this summer on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show, or they could wait for next season of SNL (or both). There are a lot of songs on that album that deserve music videos, and they only did three on SNL so far (I Just Had Sex, The Creep, and Jack Sparrow). Plus We're Back on Jimmy Fallon.

- What did you think of the episode of SNL this week?

- Do you think Justin Timberlake will do a music video with Andy next week? What will it be?

- Will TLI make more digital shorts from Turtleneck and Chain? Will they be on Jimmy Fallon, SNL, or both?

- Will Andy and Akiva even be back on SNL next season?

Leave any comments with your thoughts!


Is "Great Women Writers" from the dress rehearsal?

Here's Tina Fey getting messed with by Bill Hader in "Great Women Writers":

That's strange. I don't have that on record as playing on the show. Is this from the dress rehearsal?


Ed Helms and Fred Armisen SNL promo

Ed Helms hosts an all-new SNL 5/14 with musical guest Paul Simon.

So Fred and Ed play around. Ed is of course in Hangover 2 (and Office). I think he broke out in Hangover and the world first saw what comedy he was truly capable of.

This will be Paul Simon's 15th appearance/episode on SNL and his 8th as a Musical Guest. He's a personal friend of Lorne Michaels, and his last SNL appearance was 2006.

Do you think Ed Helms will be a good host?


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Andy Samberg & TLI interview: Marx Brothers & Naysaying

Back in 2005, Saturday Night Live's relationship with the Internet changed forever when one of its short skits landed online. It was a music video about two guys catching a matinee showing of the first Chronicles of Narnia movie — in short, a "Lazy Sunday."

SNL had mostly been appreciated via the airwaves, but it was now getting massive play on the Web. Pulling in more than 7 million views, "Lazy Sunday" was an immediate viral sensation on YouTube — and, remember, this was back when YouTube didn't produce one of those every week.

The song was written by SNL cast member Andy Samberg (who appears in the video with former cast member Chris Parnell) and SNL writers Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. Together, they're the comedy trio known as The Lonely Island, and their songs and music videos since "Lazy Sunday" have earned them an Emmy award (* in a Box; also nominated for Mother Lover and Shy Ronnie) and a Grammy nomination (I'm on a Boat). Now, they have a new album called Turtleneck & Chain.

The three first met as teenagers in Berkeley, Calif. Samberg tells Weekend Edition Sunday host Liane Hansen that they had one specific thing in common: "We all have parents from New York," he says. "We all sort of attribute our immediate kinship to sarcastic parents."

When they graduated from college, Samberg, Schaffer and Taccone decided to move to Los Angeles, where they started making comedy videos together and posting them online. In the process, they bonded over a shared love of some comedy greats: SNL forebears like Adam Sandler, Chris Farley and Mike Myers, as well as luminaries such as Steve Martin, Mel Brooks, the Monty Python troupe and the Marx Brothers.

"We definitely went through a Marx Brothers phase when we were living in L.A.," Samberg says. "We watched a bunch of old Marx Brothers movies and decided that every time we told a joke that all three appreciated, we would shake each other's hands and go, 'Very nice! Thank you! Congratulations!' "

The members of The Lonely Island agree that they've succeeded as a team in part because they almost always find the same things funny — and when they don't, they keep it from getting in the way.

"In general, if one person doesn't get it and is like, 'I don't know why you guys think that's so funny,' they just need to leave the room and let the other two keep pushing forward with it, rather than naysaying until it slows down," Schaffer says.

"There's no time in comedy for naysaying," Samberg adds.

Since the trio often crafts jokes by reducing an idea to the absurd, there's another important factor to their success: never taking themselves too seriously.

"I think self-deprecation is a big part of our humor," Taccone says. "I still occasionally die laughing just thinking that my name is Jorma. Like, that's really funny."


Thanks to Anony for the scoop!

So the two big tidbits here are:

(1) Andy Samberg & TLI are students of Marx Brothers (gotta love the brothers), as well as Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Mike Meyers on SNL (who wasn't? they were awesome), Steve Martin, Mel Brooks, and Monty Python.

(2) The dudes discuss their ideas, and if two out of three think it's funny, they go for it. If the third one doesn't get the humor of it, then he just leaves and lets the other two do their thing.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Akon speaks about "I Just Had Sex"

Akon is featured on “I Just Had Sex”

Andy says you guys met on the red carpet at the Grammys. Were you a fan of the Lonely Island already?
Yes, my publicist introduced us, and it’s actually funny because she told me they were nominated for a Grammy for “I’m on a Boat,” with T-Pain, who is signed to my label—and that song was a spoof on my music video for “I’m So Paid.” We had a good laugh on the carpet when we met, and I told them I would have given them my boat if they asked.

Are you a comedy fan in general? What do you like about what they do?
I am definitely a fan of comedy and of Lonely Island. They are super talented and have an ear for music. They know how to put a song together that you would want to hear again, even with the ridiculous lyrics. While working with them you see how they complement each other when it comes to writing, producing and getting the visuals together to really make the comedy come through.

When the band said they had a song written for you, were you nervous as to what it might be?
Not at all. I was excited and knew it would be hilarious. You have to have fun in this business, and I knew that these guys take what they do seriously and that the production and comedy would be there.

What was your first reaction on hearing “I Just Had Sex”?
I cracked up. Andy had recorded my lyrics and sent me a rough cut. His impression of me was hilarious. I played around with it a bit to make sure it had that radio appeal, and within a few hours we had our anthem.

How much fun was it to perform the song live at the Comedy Awards? It looked like a blast.
The Comedy Awards were incredible. We actually had back-up dancers and a full choir. For me the hardest part was trying to keep a straight face while Andy and Jorma performed. As you can see, I had a permanent grin the entire performance.

Will you be performing the song live as part of your own set on tour?
We are trying to get the guys out to a show to perform the track with me while I’m on tour with Usher. If our schedules work out, you will definitely get to see us perform it live.


Thanks to Anony for the scoop!

This is cool to see how Akon met Andy. It' also cool how he recognizes how well they complement each other.

They obviously gave their best idea to Akon, which was a smart move for the Dudes. So that's why Akon probably had a clearer win and easy experience with the Dudes (where Bolton and the Dudes went through a rewrite process to get it to where they were happy).

Would you see Akon and Usher's concert just to see the Dudes perform live with Akon? They did such a good job with Akon at the Comedy Awards (definitely their best live performance yet).


Bonus: Little Mermaid spoof (Osama skit)

Sketch - Below The Waves

Tina Fey ... princess
Fred Armisen ... manta ray
Vanessa Bayer ... salmon
Paul Brittain ... seahorse
Abby Elliott ... salmon
Kenan Thompson ... Crabby

There is a surprise visitor under the sea.

Wow. I can't resist but post this and get reactions.

I like how Fred Armisen is the conspiracist who blames Obama (since he does Obama on SNL and is obviously a huge fan).

For a second there, the crowd (and I) thought that Kenan really messed up when he said "Obama" instead of "Osama."

What do you think? It's a pretty funny concept. But I'm not sure how well they executed on it. Thoughts?


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Andy Samberg breast feeds on the Today Show

Andy Samberg Tries to Breast-Feed a Baby Doll on 'Today' (VIDEO)

Andy Samberg of 'Saturday Night Live' lovingly nurtured a (fake) baby on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC). In fact, Samberg was so intent upon breastfeeding the baby that he pretended to do so throughout his entire segment and even during a commercial break.

"I found this little lady backstage and she seemed starving. So, I'm doing my duty," Samberg said, cradling the baby doll. "She's hungry."

"Now, what the audience doesn't know is he's been sitting here with us for six minutes the entire time doing it. And, literally, while we're talking about other things, he's cooing, rocking and taking care. You have lovely, nurturing instincts," said Kathie Lee Gifford.

"Well, thank you very much. Mama raised me right," said Samberg.

Shorter clips:


All of that childcare of course begs the question from Kathie Lee: ‘Do you want to have children someday?”

Samberg says, “Absolutely… doesn’t everyone?”

Gifford doesn’t agree, but does compliment Andy, saying, “I think you’re going to be an amazing father.”

Totally. How adorable is Andy with that breastfeeding baby? He’s a natural!

Watch Andy Samberg breast feed a baby on Today (video):

Maybe you can go here and have better luck getting the video to work than I did:


Thanks to Anony for the scoop!

Do you think Andy would make a good father?


Turtleneck & Chain - #1 Album on iTunes!!!

That Was Quick: The Lonely Island's "Turtleneck And Chain" Is The #1 Album On iTunes

Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone -- the Lonely Island -- released their album, "Turtleneck and Chain" this morning. It hit number-one by lunchtime.

So does this mean the comedy record is officially back?

Well, no -- but "Turtleneck and Chain" offers hints as to how it can get there.

Audio recordings of somebody's standup no longer feel like a full experience in the Internet era.

But Samberg and Co. have hit upon a formula that works: jokes-and-beats mashups that don't just contain clever lines -- they also just sound funny, period, when they aren't being catchy.

Their comedy style is personal, but the laughs themselves are broad. No bitter, insidery bits here -- we know 14-year-olds and 40-year-olds who cry laughing at "I Just Had Sex."

Plus, the album is perfectly packaged for electronic download -- it comes with 9 videos. Lonely Island lovers can watch most of those on Hulu, but they're paying for them anyway.

Of course, for all the well-deserved critical praise that's heaped on the group, it's easy to forget they do have one big advantage over you, your buddies and your Flip Cam: they're on "Saturday Night Live," and they get to take advantage of the production values and celebrity cameos that come with it.

Although, who knows -- Michael Bolton looked like he was really enjoying himself on during last week's digital short. Maybe he'd be up for an encore performance on your YouTube channel.


Thanks to Tisha for the scoop!

Have you bought Turtleneck & Chain yet? What do you think of it?


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jack Sparrow Lyrics - Andy Samberg, TLI, & Michael Bolton

5/11 UPDATE: Updated the "Raven locks swayin" line and the "Room is polluted" line. Thanks to Rochelle and Anony for the corrections! Keep those comments coming (about changes to make)!

Here are the lyrics. Comment any changes for us! It took me awhile to figure out that the female/drag reference was Erin Brokovich.




Clean version:

Explicit lyrics (YouTube version) at the bottom.

Jack Sparrow Lyrics


Guys, Michael Bolton is here.


Great. Send him in.


Hey guys. Really sorry I'm late. I just got caught up watching Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. Have you seen those things?

Andy (and TLI):

Yeah, those are great.


Well, I listened to your track, and I loved it. And I wrote you this big, sexy hook I think you're going to really dig.


Oh wow.


That's great. You want to just lay it down?


Boys, let's get to it.


Here we go.

Lonely Island.
Michael Bolton.
The night starts now.
Together on the track.
The boys are back.
The night starts now.

Night starts now, baby roll with us. Chicks a snappin' at the neck when we rollin' up.

Cold flat doors ain't no holdin' up. Black car hit the bar, like I gives a ***.


Looking so fly when we walk into the set.
F*** the fellas looking jealous, play the back and get wet.

In my waist, shake in my sock. Either get cut, get stuffed, or get shot. (This needs work.)


Michael Bolton:

This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow.

A pirate so brave, on the seven seas.




A mystical quest to the Isle of Tortuga.

Raven locks swayin', in the ocean's breeze!

Akiva Schaffer:

Yeah, that was kinda weird but we back in the club. Buying up the bar so the groupies show us up.


Kiera Knightly!


Mother***in' iceman, I'm the top gunner. Heat our own blast, I'm the number one stunner.


Jack Sparrow!

Andy Samberg:

Watch it girl, cause I ain't your Mr. nice guy. More like the meet ya, take ya home, and f*** ya twice guy.

All dressed up with nowhere to run. I know I'll make ya go crazy with my gun.

Michael Bolton:

Now back to the good part:

The day he was born, he yearned for adventure.




Ol' Captain Jack




Giving them what for!

He's the corper of the surf, the jester of Tortuga. From Davy Jones' locker, what lies in store?


Yeah, I've seen the movie.


Hands in the air and say hell yeah, C'mon.


Captain Jack...




Johnny Depp




From the front to the back, say we count stacks. Come on!


Davy Jones




Giant squid.




Michael Bolton, we're really gonna need you to focus up.


Roger that, lemme try with another film.




Life is a box of chocolates. And my name is Forrest Gump.


Not better.


Though I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, I give Jenny all my love.


Come on!


Ok, then i'm a legal aid, Erin Brokovich is my name.


Oh, *.


Then you can call me Scarface. Snorting mountains of cocaine.


Close enough.


You cockroaches wanna play rough?
OKAY! I'm reloaded!

This is the tale, of Tony Montana.

This is the tale!

Choke on a flame, with Miami nuts (this obviously isn't right).

Have an amazing wife; and this room is polluted. (not quite right)

This whole town's a p****, just waiting to get *!


It turns out Michael Bolton is a major cinephile.


You complete me!


Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

WARNING: Explicit lyrics versions...

That's it! Please leave comments with corrections! And...


Andy Samberg in Googie Rene's Slightly Damaged Prom Wear Barn

Googie Rene's Slightly Damaged Prom Wear Barn

Great deals on formal wear that's been around the block.

This is Kenan's third go at this character. Aren't all Kenan's characters the same?

Andy does a great job here. Did you like it?


Monday, May 09, 2011

Michael Bolton's "Jack Sparrow" photos on Facebook (Andy Samberg)

Special thanks to Freya for the scoop!

Michael Bolton with Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone:

Bolton with Akiva:

Bolton with Andy Samberg and Akiva:

Bolton as Jack Sparrow:

Michael Bolton plays Erin Brokovich here:

He looks like an older Sarah Jessica Parker (or maybe Celine Dion).

More photos and links after the jump:

Andy Samberg in Bedelia (Sleepover) SNL skit

Bedelia (Bedilia) loves her mom, a lot.

I never noticed this before, but Nasim Pedrad picked her Bedelia mom as Tina Fey and dad as Alec Baldwin. I wonder if she did that to pitch this skit whenever Tina or Alec are on (which is a lot).

However, this is getting old and stale. She loves her parents instead of her friends. Got it. We don't really need more of these, do we?

Andy supports well as a high school guy. Taran's nerd actually steals the show (and makes me want to see more of him).

Bedelia's previous (and second) appearance was with Alec Baldwin as her dad (so this week's one is the third time for the skit). As you'll see, it ends the same as the last one, but Taran's role (probably a different character) was played by Bill Hader:

Daddy's little girl needs to spend more time with her peers. (This last one with Alec Baldwin was a little funnier.)

Andy plays the same role in this one too. Check out Andy's wet hair!

My bottom line is that I think Nasim Pedrad needs to step up her writing game before pitching another one of these Bedelia skits.

Examples of stepping up her writing game:

- She goes on a date (restaurant or dance) with Taran's character and thoroughly annoy all their friends at the table.

- Mom (and/or dad) chaperone a school dance that Bedelia's at, get drunk, and actually start embarrassing Bedelia.

- Mom and dad (together) try to purposefully embarrass Bedelia to get her to leave them alone. It doesn't work, but then it ends up working at the end in a strange way.

- Bedelia's friends give her a makeover (including getting her to change what she says), and she cracks.

- The jock (Andy Samberg) makes fun of her but somehow starts to like her (magic potion, she gets a makeover, etc.).

- The jock (Andy Samberg) starts to agree with Bedelia and like/come onto her mom. Bedelia hurriedly tries to convince him out of it.

So there you go, Nasim. Pick one. Anything is better than rewriting past skits.

What do you think, readers?


Andy Samberg & TLI - Jack Sparrow (with Michael Bolton)

UPDATE: Added the clean version. Originally posted on 5/8/11.

So I figured the video would be a song about Jack Sparrow, but I thought the dudes would embrace the film and make the jokes about the film (ala Weird Al). However, that's the joke here, and it seems to be making fun of the genre of spoof songs about films.

The Lonely Island and Michael Bolton pay homage to Captain Jack.

Here's the clean version with SNL audience laughter:

It's simply amazing.

WARNING: Harsh language. This nest version is not a clean or bleeped version, and it does not include audience laughter from the show.

Buy at iTunes now. Album everywhere THIS TUESDAY!!!! (May 10th)

I keep wanting to watch this thing! LOL

I love the expressions of the dudes looking at Bolton, and my favorite part is when Bolton pops up in the lame pirate hat and sings, "Now we're back to the good part!"


What do you think? What was your favorite part?

So funny.


Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mothers Day from The Lonely Island!

The Lonely Island presents Mother's Day ecards:

Thanks to GirlOnAJourney for the scoop!

And here's The Lonely Island's new "Mama" song:

WARNING: Explicit lyrics.


Saturday, May 07, 2011

Jack Sparrow song plays tonight on SNL!!!

I'm on the west coast, but folks on the east coast already watched it.

Tune in to see a music video with Andy Samberg and Michael Bolton!


About Nicki Minaj and Rihanna in "Turtleneck and Chain"

This isn't breaking news, but I thought this was a good recap and write up for those not tracking everything as well as some of us are...

The King of Saturday Night Live digital shorts, Andy Samberg, will have some big names on his sophomore album Lonely Island. The comedy collective, Lonely Island – comprised of Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone – will release their follow-up album Turtleneck & Chain on May 1st, pulling in some noteworthy SNL digital shorts for the project.

Two of the guest appearances? Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.
Rihanna will appear on the sequel track to “Shy Ronnie” titled “Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde”. The video for that short displays Rihanna and “Shy Ronnie” attempting to rob a bank, where Shy-Ro falls short of making it happen. Rihanna leaves with her “hostage” Jon Hamm, known as Don Draper on AMC’s “Mad Men.”

Nicki appears on “The Creep,” a self-explanatory track with a complementary dance. In the video, Minaj is jumping into a coffin at a funeral attempting to kiss the corpse. She’s also spotted in huge glasses and a private school uniform peeping in a men’s locker room. Sounds about right.

While the songs are intended to be funny, they are catchy enough to be standalone tracks. Per AOL Music’s "The Boombox," Lonely Island’s debut album 2009’s Incredibad debuted at number 13 on the Billboard 200. The hits off that release were Samberg and Justin Timberlake’s Emmy-nominated “-- In a Box,” along with the T-Pain charged, Grammy-nominated "I’m On a Boat."

Turtleneck & Chain will also feature superstar Akon on the vestal virginal “I Just Had Sex.”


One thing I like about TLI is that they really pack out their albums and try to give quality in quantity as well. Both albums have about 20 tracks on them.


Friday, May 06, 2011

Andy Samberg & TLI interview and pics - Time Out New York magazine

The Dudes have taken over the Time Out New York summer preview issue.

Your summer is about to get a whole lot funnier. The mother-lovin’ music-comedy crew is back with a new album, a ton of hot guest stars and some bright ideas about how to spend your season.

Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg of the Lonely Island

“Throw your $# into it!” yells the photographer, across a floor spattered with ketchup and mustard. The Lonely Island boys duly lean into an enormous tray of hot dogs before retiring to change into tutus and, later, to smear ice cream over their faces. Such is life in America’s hottest comedy troupe.

Headed by Andy Samberg—whose dad watches the shoot from the sidelines, saying sweetly, “Andy was never shy”—the trio brought life back to Saturday Night Live when they joined in 2005 and reanimated the comedy-music meme. (2006’s “$$%# in a Box” video racked several zillion YouTube views long before the Gregory Brothers got their Auto-Tuning hands on Antoine Dodson.)

Two years later (following several movie roles, a debut record that sold 350,000 copies, and a Grammy nom for the single “I’m on a Boat,” which went platinum), Samberg and his childhood pals Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer are set to release their second album, Turtleneck & Chain, which features collaborators Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beck, Snoop Dogg and even Michael Bolton. Obviously, these are gents with enormous cultural acumen and a lot of experience in having a good time. Who better to steer you through your perfect summer?

It’s nearly summer. Are you guys tanners?

Andy Samberg: We don’t really leave the building. But I also just don’t like baking in the sun. And now what with all the depleting ozone layers…
Jorma Taccone: Thank you for getting that in there. I went to the doctor recently and she actually prescribed that I go out for ten minutes a day, I’m so depleted on vitamin D.
Akiva Schaffer: I take a lot of ladies’ vitamins, because I never buy my own and that’s what’s in the house. More iron…
Samberg: I wear a lot of ladies’ underwear for the same reason. If you want me to not wear it then wash my underwear!

What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer?

Samberg: Get a coconut frozie fruit little Popsicle. You can get it at any bodega.
Schaffer: One of the great things about living in a big city is that there are specialized ice cream places where there are just Popsicles and stuff. You know the special Popsicle place [Popbar]? The whole place was just Popsicles, and they were beautifully set up almost like the jewelry section at Barneys. A glass case and each one is perfectly lit.

You have some intense fans. Even back at a 2009 signing session for Incredibad with Paul Rudd, the kids were already going nuts.

Samberg: For us it’s always weird, because we’re comedy. You certainly never think, when you’re making songs about ji$$ and di$$$, that teenagers will scream for it.
Schaffer: It’s also because we’ve been near actual pop stars that they would scream for.
Samberg: I think they think if they cheer loud enough that Justin and Rihanna will appear.

Kristen Schaal introduced you at the Comedy Awards in April as “the little Orson Welleses of the Internet”—do you see yourselves as pioneers of the comedy-song meme?

Samberg: To me, the only thing that’s unique about us is that we’ve done it with modern popular music, which is saying hip-hop and R&B. There have been joke rap songs since rap existed. We love Al Yankovic; he’s our hero. But we’re more in the Tenacious D category in that we make original songs. It’s not just direct spoof. Hip-hop is what we grew up listening to and loving.
Schaffer: And if we do poke fun a little at the grandeur, we’re doing it from a place of love.
Taccone: When we came out with “Lazy Sunday,” the greatest compliment I heard was that ?uestlove had it on his iPod.

You use a lot of rude words in your songs. With great power comes great responsibility…

Taccone: A friend of my family had an eight-year-old kid who heard “Ji$$ in My Pants.” He had to ask his mom what it was, and she had to explain all of sex to him. So she thanks me routinely.

Did you feel sheepish, using mom and fu$$ in the same sentence in “Motherlover”?

Samberg: Well, Jorma’s mom was not into it; my mom really loved it.
Taccone: My mom loved “D$$$ in a Box,” thought it was great, and then really was not into “Motherlover.” Bizarrely. She found her limit.
Samberg: My mom thought it was a good message: that moms are sexy, that moms have sexuality too.
Taccone: She hasn’t been paying attention to what’s been happening online for the last ten years. [Laughs]
Samberg: [Nods] She does not troll MILF sites.

The guest list on Turtleneck & Chain is crazy. Did you have a list of fantasy collaborators, like Michael Bolton?

Schaffer: Bolton was our first choice for [the Pirates of the Caribbean–inspired track] “Jack Sparrow,” always. We worked very hard to make it happen.

How did Nicki Minaj get involved?

Schaffer: It was just through hearing her music, the way anybody does. It was in the summer before she blew up.
Samberg: It was a satisfying feeling of foresight on our part that we had asked her to do it in summertime before she got booked on the show. Like, yeah, told you she was great!
Taccone: She plays a good sexy nerd.

Does anyone ever say no to your requests? Have you asked for Kanye?

Schaffer: There have not been specific songs, but we always put the feelers out to Kanye. We always say, “We’re making an album and whenever you’re ready.” And that goes for now as well.
Samberg: I’ll say this now about anyone ever who we’ve asked and they’ve said no: You just have to want to. And there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to. People have so much to lose, and in certain people’s eyes, not as much to gain.
Schaffer: Yeah, he doesn’t need to be more famous or reinvent himself. He would just have to think it would be a fun thing to do.

Ever feel that you’re co-opting an urban genre?

Samberg: I hope we’re never co-opting it. We want it to feel like we’re celebrating it.
Taccone: I think we make a point of saying this is fake rap, we don’t consider this real rap.
Schaffer: It’s not like Elvis, taking the music and white-ifying it and replaying it. We’re paying respect to it.
Samberg: We always say that the joke isn’t that it’s rap; we use rap to tell the joke. And one of the other reasons is that none of us can sing or play any instruments.

Turtleneck & Chain is out Tuesday 10.


Wow! LOL

Thanks to Anony for the scoop!

Here's my favorite quote:

Akiva Schaffer: I take a lot of ladies’ vitamins, because I never buy my own and that’s what’s in the house. More iron…
Samberg: I wear a lot of ladies’ underwear for the same reason. If you want me to not wear it then wash my underwear!

I think it's interesting that the interviewer said Andy is the leader. I think Andy has become more of a leader because he got hired as the face to put on SNL. However, Akiva is the leader in that he directs their stuff. Jorma is the leader of a lot of their early comedy direction they went in (Just 2 Guyz, My Pants, and general angry raps which is what Chronicles of Narnia came from), and he has since started directing as well. Andy doesn't really put all that many projects together himself. He goes with the flow more than the other two do. So I think it's an interesting mix where all three bring their skills and there isn't really a leader (I would say Akiva if I had to).

Wow, I can't believe Andy just dissed Elvis like that. It's true but a little harsh. What do you think?

And who do you think is the "leader"? Is it Andy? And what did you think of this interview? What's your favorite part?


Tin Fey SNL Promo (baby?)

Let's see what Tina says about her baby...

Tina Fey hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Ellie Goulding.


Thursday, May 05, 2011

Andy Samberg - 2011 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

Andy Samberg attends the 2011 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner at the Washington Hilton on April 30, 2011 in Washington, DC.

Andy Samberg (L), Bill Hader and Fred Armisen attend the MSNBC Correspondents' after party with FIJI Water at Embassy of Italy on April 30, 2011 in Washington, DC.

This is the event that Andy mentioned on Regis and Kelly that we posted.


Andy Samberg & Helen Mirren -> SNL RECAP!!!

Saturday Night Live Recap: Helen Mirren & Andy Samberg's Nebbishy ‘Mort Feingold’

Here's Andy with Helen:


Most Ridiculous
The digital short, "Helen Mirren's Magical Bossom," allowed SNL to run a reel of historical moments and to have Nasim Pedrad grabbing Helen Mirren's breasts. Winning.

Most Impressions Packed Into One Sketch
We have a soft spot for Andy Samberg, and his Jewish accountant impression landed. Plus, Paul Brittain’s James Franco and Abby Elliot’s Khloe Kardashian are still going strong.



Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Live with Regis and Kelly – Andy Samberg interview (5/3/11)

Andy Samberg - Turtleneck And Chain *Interview (May 3/11)

It definitely looks like Andy has lost some weight and gone back to his lean, mean former self. Do you like it?

Andy talks basketball, the White House correspondence dinner, and Turtleneck & Chain.

So logically, the reason why they release the clean versions is because 13 year olds and under like their music, and they don't want to ruin lives. Still, I wonder if those kids watch the clean versions (I imagine they wouldn't unless their parents make them).

Anybody here 13 or younger? Do you watch (or listen to) the clean versions? Only when your parents are around?

Thanks to Freya for the scoop!


Tina Fey SNL Promo

Tina Fey hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Ellie Goulding.

Here Tina gets her jokes on with Kenan.

"Yeah, I'm swearing for two these days." Very funny!


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Meester, Vanilla Ice, and James Caan join Andy Samberg & Adam Sandler

The big news here is that the current date for I Hate You Dad is June 15, 2012!

Meester is on Gossip Girl:

Leighton Meester and rapper Vanilla Ice are in talks to join the cast of Columbia's comedy "I Hate You Dad."

According to Variety, the cast includes Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg.

The film focuses on a father (Sandler) who moves in with his son (Samberg) on the eve of his son's wedding and begins fighting with his future daughter-in-law.

Meester would play Sandler's future daughter-in-law while Vanilla Ice (a.k.a. Robert Van Winkle) would play a gay wedding coordinator.

James Caan is in early talks to play Meester's father.

Sandler is producing through his Happy Madison production shingle along with Jack Giarraputo and Heather Parry.

David Caspe wrote the original script with a rewrite done by David Wain and Ken Marino.

Sean Anders and John Morris are directing with a June 15, 2012, release date set.

Meester was recently in Screen Gems' thriller "The Roommate" and will be seen in the upcoming romantic comedy "Monte Carlo."

Vanilla Ice, who starred in 1991's "Cool As Ice," was last seen on the big screen in the 2002 comedy "The New Guy."



Monday, May 02, 2011

Discovery hoping for Andy Samberg to deliver big numbers for Shark Week

Discovery Channel broke with tradition last year, naming its first non-Discovery-star to host Shark Week : CBS late-night personality Craig Ferguson. Shark Week last year was sampled by the largest audience ever: Nearly 31 million people checked it out for at least six minutes and some, of course, watched much longer.

Coincidence? I think not.

Neither does Discovery, which Wednesday named another broadcast TV late-night comic to host this year’s Shark Week. That someone is Andy Samberg, a member of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” cast.

Samberg has a better agent than Ferguson; we know this because he’s gotten a better title. Samberg will be Shark Week’s CSO — Chief Shark Officer.

Shark Week is “about being scared out of your swim trunks, but it’s also about being entertained and learning something new,” Discovery Channel President Clark Bunting said in Wednesday’s announcement, wisely leaving the funny business to Samberg.

Discovery says Shark Week is the longest-running programming event in cable history.

“Everyone loves Shark Week. It’s the Bill Cosby of week-long television blocks dedicated to sea animals,” Samberg said...

Discovery thinks the week has become a “pop culture phenomenon” because Tracy Morgan of “30 Rock” once told the character of NBC page Kenneth: “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.”

Excerpt from:

This was a nice editorial. It shows that Discovery hit big with Ferguson and hopes to repeat the success with Samberg. The "leaving the funny business to Samberg" has me hoping that TLI will go all out with jokes and digital shorts for Shark Week!


Sunday, May 01, 2011

Andy Samberg's MTV Hosting Tips for Jason Sudeikis

Andy Samberg Has MTV Movie Awards Hosting Tips For Jason Sudeikis

Thanks to Freya and Becky for the scoop!

Andy Samberg at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards:

Andy Samberg slayed the crowd as host of the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. He shared a naked limo ride with Justin Timberlake, pronounced himself "the best intro-er of people intro-ing things" and lampooned action movies in a hilarious video in which he crooned, ''Cool guys don't look at explosions. They blow things up and then walk away.''

The "Saturday Night Live" star, in other words, knows a thing or two about hosting the wackiest movie awards show on the planet. And thus, he's got some sage advice for "SNL" castmate Jason Sudeikis, who's taking on emcee duties for this year's show, airing live on June 5 — not that he thinks Sudeikis needs much help.

"What advice can you give to a guy that has it all?" Samberg said when we caught up with him and his Lonely Island pals while they were promoting their upcoming comedy album, Turtleneck & Chain.

"Be yourself, grab 'em by the scruff of the neck and don't let go," he went on to advise Sudeikis. "Wear a nice suit. Hydrate. Crunches. Make sure 'Twilight' wins everything so the crowd is lively. Rig the results!"

Hmmm, that's one way of doing it. Another way would be to follow the helpful tips of Aziz Ansari, who hosted the Movie Awards last year. "It's so much work, so definitely have a lot of uppers on hand, like just drugs that'll get you fired up," he joked to us recently. "PCP is good to stay up all night, get all the work done. It's a cool thing, though; it's back in vogue. It's like Twitter, PCP. It's like trendy things: Twitter, PCP, Jonas Brothers."

The 20th annual MTV Movie Awards air live Sunday, June 5, at 9 p.m. ET.


Thanks again to Freya and Becky for the scoop!

I'm secretly hoping that they invite Andy back to host again, but I wish Jason the best (and it's cool that Andy's friends are getting the opportunity to host). Jason would definitely make a funny and more traditional wisecracking host than Andy would.

I'm curious about Jason, though. His last opportunity to break out (Hall Pass with Owen Wilson) didn't do so well. Now he's paired opposite Jason Bateman (Arrested Development, Couples Retreat, Hancock) and Charlie Day (Always Sunny in Philadelphia), with Jeniffer Aniston, Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey, and Donald Sutherland supporting. Can he break out, or will his opportunities run out (like Will Forte)? Murdering bosses doesn't seem like a clear win, but if it's done right it will (and it's from the director of Four Christmases, so I have hope).

Hopefully it will lead to some more supporting roles at the very least (but I'm hoping this will help the careers of both Jasons). If nothing else maybe people will see it just for the supporting roles.

Anyway, what do you think of Andy's interview here with the dudes? Any thoughts on that?


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