Monday, May 09, 2011

Michael Bolton's "Jack Sparrow" photos on Facebook (Andy Samberg)

Special thanks to Freya for the scoop!

Michael Bolton with Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone:

Bolton with Akiva:

Bolton with Andy Samberg and Akiva:

Bolton as Jack Sparrow:

Michael Bolton plays Erin Brokovich here:

He looks like an older Sarah Jessica Parker (or maybe Celine Dion).

More photos and links after the jump:

Bolton with Akiva:

Bolton with Akiva and Jorma:

Bolton's about to pop up in front of Andy:

Bolton on set with the dudes (not as high as we thought):

People are watching them shoot this scene (oh so eventful; they just set up the shot, lip sync and do it again a few times):

Would you watch a shoot like this?

View more pics here:!/media/set/?set=a.10150287183698154.402741.159289123153&closeTheater=1

And as a bonus (thanks to TishaLovesComedy), click here for a pic of Andy helping direct the video:

So would you watch a shoot like the Forest Gump scene(if it meant TLI was there, or at least Akiva)? Seems kind of boring to me.



Unknown said...

Good to come back and return to one of my top and most beloved sites of all time, school has been in the way, unfortunately, no better time to return than around the time of TLI new album! Love the photos and in love with this song, so catchy, hysterical, and awesome, so arethe rest of the T&C Singles and can't wait to download the full album this midnight on iTunes!!!! Any chance do you know the name of the beach they filmed on? And yes, LOL he does resemble SJP or/and Celine, but more SJP!

TishaLovesComedy! said...

Just in case Altitia is my google account this is TishaLovesComedy! Clicked on the wrong thing!

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