Monday, March 23, 2009

Should Joanna Newsom date this guy instead of Andy Samberg?

Friend and reader Danae thinks Joanna Newsom should date this banjo guy (Kevin) instead of Andy Samberg:

Danae says:

JUST FOR THE LOLS. They look like a good couple.

Thanks Danae!

So... it seems a few anonymous Joanna fans think this is mean. Why is this mean? Is there something wrong with Kevin?

We do stick with Andy Samberg! We post a silly or less-interesting post about once a day, followed by a more substancial post. So if you're looking for a substancial post, check out the sweet interview we posted today. Thanks!



Anonymous said...

That's not funny, that's mean. When did this become about picking people apart and making fun of them?

Anonymous said...

i agree with the person above me. keep your posts related to andy and leave joanna out of it. that is her friend kevin- who is an excellent musician. this blog is lame.

Anonymous said...

Look! Anon Joanna fans!
And an Anon person who liked the post.

Anonymous said...

On youtube there is a vid of him leaving Villa yesterday with another girl. Looks like Joanna is out of the pic. And for the record, it isn't nice to pick on her.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh TAE, always so defensive when any of us call someone out for the truth: it IS mean (the same way those earlier wanked out videos were stalking). In the post there is "JUST FOR THE LOLS" does that mean anything else other than "we just posted this so everyone can laugh?" Considering that undeniable fact and the other times a good number of people on here have talked about how weird or ugly she is, just because she is unique (talented and gorgeous in my opinion) and they think this dude is just as quirky, they have to laugh at them and call this to our attention. There is nothing but rudeness in that. There is no denying that that is why this was posted, we weren't thinking on our own- we responded to all we were given: a couple of sentences and a capitalized punching bag. If you cannot handle people responding in a disappointed way to this instead of laughing with you and slapping you on your back with approval, then keep it to Andy and TLI guys. I still enjoy this blog for it's other redeeming qualities- are we still friends")?.

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