Thursday, August 14, 2008

Andy Samberg - Dies in a board meeting with his twin (Business Meeting)

Updated 8/14/08 - Added the embedded Hulu video and the image. Originally posted on 2/25/07.


This is hilarious! Here is an SNL Digital Short shown this week on Saturday Night Live. Andy Samberg appears along with many other people. Bill Hader pulls out some laughs, along with the rest of the cast. This really feels like a great Monty Python sketch. Prepare for pure randomness!

Rainn Wilson - President: Got to cut budgets

Amy Poehler - Shelly: Transportation (Straight man, nothing wacky)

Jason Sudeikis - Daniel: Online Division (also straight)

Bill Hader - Peter: Goes with Dan (also not funny; part of the setup)

Andy Samberg - Derek: Lose Tech Support (nice hair and glasses on Andy)

Will Forte - Red: Downsize Research (sporting red hair; his name has something to do with his appearance, which is a hint that it's going to get wacky)

Kenan Thompson - Waterguy: Doesn't work there (nice straight character, the random bystander; also, our first laugh from the audience)

Andy Samberg - Derek's Twin Brother: Agrees with Derek (starting to get a bit more wacky)

Darrell Hammond - Mountain Joe: Consolidate Marketing (nice look on Darrell)

Jason Sudeikis - Snake Eyes: Scale back IT (nice slithery voice)

Fred Armisen - Gary: Long before... (interupts Chief Big Cloud; hilarious!)

Kristen Wiig - Chief Big Cloud: Cut Accounting (Big laughs)

Bill Hader - Crazy Carl: Huuuh (Good laugh)

Kid - CEO's Nephew: Massive layoffs (some kid)

Talking Sandwich - Gigantic Turkey Sub: Mustard, then Cut Human Resources (major laughs; VERY random)

Andy Samberg - Mounted Tiger Head: Longer Lunch Breaks, Didn't prepare (tons of laughs)

Nobody - Invisible Man: Out Sick

Maya Rudolph - Wonder Woman: Invisible Man is out sick (she's not actually named)

Will Forte - Captain Pajama Shark: Present (good laughs; Will is random, and he loves it)

Arcade Fire - Themselves: Cut human resources (first "Wooo" since the Digital Short title)

Rainn Wilson - President: Answers fake phone (I don't think that was funny. They should have done a corded phone out of his shirt instead)

Great Ending!!!!

Biggest Laughs...

#1 Laugh: Crazy Carl

#2 Laugh: Gigantic Turkey Sub

#3 Laugh: Mounted Tiger Head

#4 Laugh: Captain Pajama Shark

#5 Laugh: Waterguy

#6 Laugh: Chief Big Cloud

#7 Laugh: Building collapsing

Overall, I haven't seen a non-musical Digital Short this funny since Andy Walking and the original Laser Cats!



Ed Price said...

I added the biggest laughs section.

Anonymous said...

I think that Maya/Wonder Woman is holding a pen... not a cig. But I could be wrong.

Ed Price said...

Good call. Edited it.

Anonymous said...

Mounted tiger head: "Longer lunch breaks? (not mongol bricks) (voice sounds like Andy, esp. "Noooo")

Ed Price said...

Good call. It's really hard to tell what he's saying. I edited. Thanks!

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