Sunday, December 12, 2010

Andy Samberg - Stumblin' (SNL Digital Short)

Film - SNL Digital Short: Stumblin'

Paul Rudd ... Stumbler - friend
Paul McCartney
Mario Batali
Fred Armisen ... guy
Vanessa Bayer ... girl
Michael Patrick O'Brien ... guy
Andy Samberg ... Stumbler - guy

Unfortunately, the video hasn't been uploaded yet, so you need to skip ahead to 18:28 in this Hulu video:

Or this link will skip to the right spot in the NBC video (after a minute of ads):

My guess is that they'll have the video up by itself soon.

So, this was Andy's only "skit" this week, and it was filmed! So Andy pretty much took the week off after dominating last week. Kind of makes sense because they do that (the dominant player takes the next week off to let other players do their thing, especially when the cast is large like this). However, it doesn't look like anything good came from the Andyless week. Mostly just a Paul McCartney concert. And somebody has to tell Fred to stop doing his Roger Brush character.

So what did you think of Stumblin? I thought it was funny at first, but it didn't seem to go anywhere, other than the break for Paul McCartney randomness.

Who was that singing (other than Paul)? A female country singer? Voice sounds very familiar.



Anonymous said...

hey can you find the vids when andy was on phineas and ferb the disney show recently? thanks :)

Ed Price said...


We already posted it:



Anonymous said...

i loved this digital short!!! so funny!!

Anonymous said...

I loved it! Walking in slow motion, walking in slow motion........

Connie said...

The writing was terrible for this episode, which is such a shame because Paul Rudd can be awesomely funny. Stefon on Weekend Update was the only good part of the show, and mainly because of Bill laughing.

I lol'd at "three different types of bear", but otherwise I didn't quite get this short.

P.S. I think Paul McCartney should bow out gracefully, his voice is NOT what it used to be. He was actually funny in his cameos though. He got better scripting than Paul Rudd =/

Anonymous said...

Paul McCartney needed to step back... waaaayyy back. Paul Rudd hosted not him. if they wanted Paul McCartney to basically be on the whole show they should've asked him to host. I don't think it was fair for Paul Rudd. The Digi Short was funny though and so was Bill's Stefon :) other than that it was boring and I almost fell asleep 4 times and that was when Paul McCartney performed. I don't know, maybe it's just my generation. I'm 14!

"Yo, yo, yo! Featured Player Paul Brittain is in the mother freakin' house!" haha adorable :)

Anonymous said...

Joanna Newsom was the girl singing in the digital short this week. She did a southern twang which is different then her genre of music but you can really hear her in some parts.

Anonymous said...

Loved the episode. Loved the Digital Short.

To those of you who ripping on Paul McCartney, you should only hope to: have a 50-plus year career doing what you love, be one of the most recognizable faces on the planet due to your involvement with one of the greatest (arguably, the greatest) bands of all time, and be worth millions of dollars.

To the 14 year old: I guarantee none of the bands or performers you love will be headlining in 2060.

Anonymous said...

I agree anonymous above - I LOVED seeing Paul McCartney on SNL and I am pretty sure Paul Rudd thought it was pretty awesome too. How could you not?

Anonymous said...

2 words: Justin. Bieber.

I find Rudd awesomer than McCartney and I like funny people. My opinion!
Like if I see Paul Rudd and Paul McCartney across the street, I would run towards Rudd.

what happened to Suds? he's barely in any skits!

Ed Price said...

Last Anony,

Regarding Suds... He was the lead in one skit (his annoying boom mic guy, Jeff). So he sat out mostly this week (lead in one skit is better than Bobby and Kristen did this week). This week was mostly led by Abby, Paul McCartney, Bill, Vanessa, and Fred. With this many cast members, they have to take turns. Jay has a good strategy where he tries to get one lead skit in every week or two.


Erich said...

Does anybody know who the Chicago Bear was ?
And is he a real Chicago Bear?

Anonymous said...

I loved this entire episode and all three Pauls! =) So I guess I differ from everyone.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Joanna was the voice for this, although it could have been. It sounded like Kristen/ Vanessa/Abbey or one of the other SNL girls putting on the Dolly Parton meets Weird Al. Kristen and the others more than Nasim, b/c even her characters all have a similar tonality and nasal quality. It almost made me think of Mikala and Casey, although not likely. Also, I think Joanna is still touring, but maybe they filmed this/recorded the voice-over when she was in NYC for her concert and Andy-time. :)

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