Monday, January 19, 2009

SNL 1/17/09 - Rosario Dawson & Fleet Foxes

This week Andy Samberg is a goose!

SNL Promo: Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson dines with Bill and Jason.

Third one's the best!

Cold Opening - Vice President Dick Cheney: The Final Interview

The departing Vice President has no regrets.

Darrell Hammond ... Dick Cheney
Kristen Wiig ... Diane Sawyer

Ouch, the regret joke shouldn't go this long.


Rosario Dawson
Fred Armisen ... Fericito

Commercial: North American Savings

Fred Armisen ... Applicant
Abby Elliott ... Applicant
Will Forte ... Applicant
Bill Hader ... Employee
Darrell Hammond ... Employee
Bobby Moynihan ... Applicant
Andy Samberg ... Applicant
Jason Sudeikis ... Applicant
Kenan Thompson ... Applicant
Michaela Watkins ... Employee
Kristen Wiig ... Applicant
Casey Wilson ... Applicant

Da Learnin' Train

Rosario Dawson ... Carla Da Funkee Conduktah
Fred Armisen ... Mailman
Abby Elliott ... Dominique
Will Forte ... K
Bill Hader ... Deejay
Bobby Moynihan ... Hector
Andy Samberg ... Jesse
Jason Sudeikis ... Harry Connick Jr.
Kenan Thompson ... Riznatch

Commercial: Gitmo Ad - Guantanamo Bay Going Out Of Business Sale

Rosario Dawson ... Cuban lady
Bill Hader ... Announcer (voice)
Jason Sudeikis ... CIA field op

Aladdin Anniversary

After 10 years, it's a whole new world.

Rosario Dawson ... Jasmine
Jason Sudeikis ... Aladdin

SNL Digital Short: A Couple of Homies

Two good friends take it to the next level.

Fred Armisen
Will Forte
Andy Samberg

I believe this one is several months old and didn't make the cut. But my guess is that Andy and Fred thought it was still funny so they kept pushing on it until it got through.

I can see why they didn't think it was funny. It looks like Will Forte wrote it. Will has had some hilarious songs, but this isn't one of them.

Unfortunately, you can't help but compare each Digital Short to the great Andy Samberg shorts from the past, and this one falls short.


Every class has a special student.

Rosario Dawson ... Cindy
Will Forte ... Mr. Dillon
Bobby Moynihan ... Liam
Kenan Thompson ... Sam Jeffers
Kristen Wiig ... Gilly
Casey Wilson ... Teacher

Kristen Wiig pulls out another classic character. Go Kristen!!! Kristen, you should write more dual characters that you can dow with other cast members (like your A-holes characters).

The pencils bit was too disturbing.

Musical Performance "Mykonos"

Fleet Foxes

Weekend Update

Seth Meyers
Fred Armisen ... Bernard Madoff
Kristen Wiig ... Judy Grimes
Andy Samberg ... Larry The Goose

Update: Judy Grimes

Update's travel correspondent is totally just kidding.

Update: Larry the Goose

Hahahaha! Andy Samberg is hilarious as Larry the Goose!!! He really cracks up Seth. Why does he make so many references? Because he's got Netflix, that's why!!!

La Policia Mexicana

You have the right to remain silencio.

Rosario Dawson ... Isabella Lopez, Carmen
Fred Armisen ... Carloz Ruiz
Bill Hader ... Roberto Gonzales, El Jefe
Bobby Moynihan ... Miguel
Paula Pell ... Announcer (voice)

The View

Rosario Dawson ... Salma Hayek
Fred Armisen ... Joy Behar
Jason Sudeikis ... Ricky Gervais
Kenan Thompson ... Whoopi Goldberg
Michaela Watkins ... Barbara Walters
Kristen Wiig ... Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Musical Performance "Blue Ridge Mountains"

Fleet Foxes

Good Excuse!

Rosario Dawson ... Perpetua McGirk
Will Forte ... Host
Jason Sudeikis ... Caller (voice)
Kenan Thompson ... Robert Cyclone
Kristen Wiig ... Host

Update: Ann Coulter

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ann Coulter stops by for a chat with Seth.

Similar to Andy's Rahm character a few episodes ago, my guess is that Michaela's take on Ann was too harsh for NBC to want to air it. Fortunately, we do get these bits as Web exclusives.

Overall: Hmmm. I wasn't really into this episode. The only parts I loved were Judy Grimes (always impressive) and Andy Samberg's awesome goose. Go Andy! Next time, give us a solid Digital Short instead (I'm still waiting for a music video parody of Britney Spear's work).


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