Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vote on Elle for Andy Samberg's fashions!

Style A to Zee: Date Looks
Creative Director Joe Zee goes head-to-head with Andy Samberg for the best knockout date-look ideas

I guess at Elle, a lot of model-looking women just work as editors and such. They're stepping in as the models here. I guess that makes sense...

Vote here for Andy Samberg's fashions:

Joe Zee vs. Andy Samberg
JOE WEIGHS IN: I love a lady to look like a lady. I love when not a hair is out of place…the perfect accessories…and oh, the dress—part ’80s, part Christmas tinsel—it’s pure chic sophistication. Shapeless never looked so good. (The secret is the belt.)
ANDY WEIGHS IN: This is the evening gown version of when the Predator monster becomes reflecty and invisible. Soooooo, not a plus? I don’t even know. I do like that movie.

Our take: Sorry Andy, Kate doesn't like looking like the predator! Hahahaha. Nice one Andy, but that will cost you. If we're letting the model decide then that's...

Joe - 1
Andy - 0

Current poll results: Joe (77%) Andy (23%)

Joe Zee vs. Andy Samberg
JOE WEIGHS IN: If you’re going out, why not really go out? This is the perfect time to throw it all on—marabou bolero, crystal mini, glitter platform boots—because after three drinks, you’ll look fabulous to everyone. They just won’t remember in the morning.
ANDY WEIGHS IN: I like this well enough. Jeans and high heels are always enjoyable, right? I’m drawing on my vast knowledge of clubbing at clubs here. Me and my friends will just club it up all night. Clubbin’ around with our fellow clubbers!

Our take: Andy just goes by memory of what women like to wear (and look good in) at clubs. Great job, Andy! The model, Janna, liked it! It's much more feminine!

Joe - 1
Andy - 1

Current poll results: Joe (21%) Andy (79%)

Joe Zee vs. Andy Samberg
JOE WEIGHS IN: Okay, you’re going to meet his parents, not interview for prison admission (well, maybe). Still, where in the guidebook does it say that in-laws prefer drab and puritanical over style? I love a chic dress, but if you must, put a mom cardigan over it to say, “Hey, I can be just like you!”
ANDY WEIGHS IN: Always err on the side of “nice” with the parents. I mean, you don’t want them to think you’re a dud, but no one ever came back from that experience like, “I shoulda went sluttier.” (Note: This does not apply for dudes. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that dads love a boyfriend in a midriff tee.)

Our take: Thanks for the advice Andy! We dudes will be sure to dress sluttier when we meet the lady's parents!!! =^)

Jade looks awfully uncomfortable in Joe's clothes, and she looks very happy and comfortable (and much cuter) in Andy's dress. I think Andy won this round.

Joe - 1
Andy - 2

Current poll results: Joe (30%) Andy (70%)

Joe Zee vs. Andy Samberg
JOE WEIGHS IN: Give me lady-boss any day of the week. Loving the authoritative, in-command look here with the strict tailoring and classic, hard-to-walk-in pencil skirt. The major shoulder pads don’t hurt either. So what if she looks like she’ll kick your ass? Chic!
ANDY WEIGHS IN: These are two great examples of office attire. On the one hand, there’s the stylish and sexy look. Curvy, but authoritative, with just enough skin showing to really pique our interest. And then there’s the outfit the girl’s wearing. Punch line!!!

Our take: Mariko's not showing much emotion, either way, but in Andy's clothes she does look a little more comfortable and far less like a line backer or martial arts soldier.

Joe - 1
Andy - 3

Current poll results: Joe (26%) Andy (74%)

Joe Zee vs. Andy Samberg
JOE WEIGHS IN: I love a girl who doesn’t care, but really does; effort without trying. Witness the carefully placed details: the nonchalant scarf, the laceless two-toned Top-Sider, and that extra-large L.L. Bean tote—obviously carrying her Birkin bag. Clearly she just left from the office.
ANDY WEIGHS IN: I feel like most girls I know wear some form of this outfit. To me this look says, “Hey, I don’t suck ass,” which is an important place to start with people in general.

Our take: Hahahaha! Bonus points for Andy not putting pants on her, but it's obvious that it's making Alexa a little uncomfortable (at least she's a good sport and laughing about it). So this one goes to Joe.

Joe - 2
Andy - 3

Current poll results: Joe (60%) Andy (40%)

Joe Zee vs. Andy Samberg
JOE WEIGHS IN: Being sexy doesn’t mean showing it all off. I love this dress; covered up just enough and revealing just enough. You want to be ready to broker the deal—not show the deal is done!
ANDY WEIGHS IN: Growing up in the ’80s has left me basically helpless against this shade of pink. I also still like a leg warmer. But just one. Like an eye patch for your ankle.

Our take: Andy hits the 80s pink perfectly! As Shawna says in the pic, she's much more comfortable (and looks it) in Andy's dress. The skirt isn't quite as high, the top and arms aren't as tight, and it just plain old looks like she's a lot of fun. Big win for Andy.

Joe - 2
Andy - 4

Current poll results: Joe (66%) Andy (34%)
(I guess the women readers of Elle are more into sheek than 80s cute)

Joe Zee vs. Andy Samberg
JOE WEIGHS IN: Not working doesn’t mean you can’t work it. This is how you do it: Start with a swimsuit—what guy doesn’t love that?—and then layer ripped jeans, tops, jackets, and miniature dogs with it. Sunglasses optional.
ANDY WEIGHS IN: Have you ever met a girl in this outfit who was a dick? The second best thing the Ramones gave us was the street hustler look for ladies.

Our take: Although she's laughing in Joe's pic, I think it's a laugh like the girl laughing without pants. Doesn't seem comfortable, and she's not standing comfortably. Arianne looks more cool and comfortable in Andy's look. Plus Andy referred to the Ramones. Instant win!

Joe - 2
Andy - 5

Current poll results: Joe (31%) Andy (69%)


Andy won in our book (of going by the model's reactions) and in the voters' book (they gave round 6 to Joe, but that's still 4 for Andy and 3 for Joe). So Andy just outdid the Elle Creative Director in fashion!!!

Once again, this proves our earlier point... Andy Samberg needs to start his own line of clothing!!!



TishaLuvsComedy<3 said...

Thanks so very much for posting it, cause I probably have never discovered without this awesome site for posting it.. And I agree Andy does know style and needs his own clothing line! And I love how Andy still put his humor into the description and comments of his outfits... =D

Sincerly Tisha....

sex shop blog said...

It will not truly have success, I feel like this.

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