Saturday, July 11, 2009

Interview with Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom (Spoof)

Thanks for the scoop, Anony!

Here's a gag interview with Andy Samberg's girlfriend, Joanna Newsom:

Here the real Joanna tells a joke in this Paper interview:



Anonymous said...

The mock interview is kind of mean, but funny, too. If it's thought of like SNL, they do things like that about real individuals all of the time, it's pretty funny. However, trying to make two unique individuals look as dense and stupid as possible, isn't funny and couldn't be further from the truth about these two. I guess the girl pulled her impression from the extensive interview with Joanna where the interviewer was asking her all kinds of random questions. D. B. must have just been a pull from his personality? Why are you guys back to posting JN, etc. things? This is supposed to be strictly about Andy (the inclusions of TLI makes more sense and is less invasive, b/c they want to be known as a trio).

Ed Price said...


Agreed. It's tough to pull out a funny impression without making fun of someone. Fred Armisen's refusal to make fun of Obama has mostly left that as one of the least funny presidential impressions SNL has had since Reagan. So that's a good example.

We include at least one Andy post a day that most Andy Samberg fans care about. The other posts are probably posts that only some Andy Samberg fans care about (but not all, because let's face it, people are different). That includes news, vids, pics, or random fan vids about whatever Andy is involved with... The Lonely Island, SNL, and yes, his girlfriend, Joanna Newsom. So you're going to see the early morning posts be about the more random topics that you might not care about, including fan videos and random photos we find from Andy's past (both of which are much more common than Joanna Newsom vids). But we try to get at least one a day that's good enough where we think most Andy Fans would care about it (if not all Andy fans).

We're only saying all this because you asked us. If it wasn't a question, we wouldn't have responded, because we certainly respect your opinion. Thanks!


Ed Price said...

Also, this scoop was sent to us by an anonymous reader, so there's at least one reader out there who cares about this. =^)


Anonymous said...

Cool Beans. Cooooooooooll B-b-b-b Beans! :)

Thanks for the replies!

Anonymous said...

are they still together?

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