Friday, July 10, 2009

Andy Samberg - Shares 5 things about Incredibad (MTV Interview)

Updated: We added the YouTube vid for you non staters. Originally posted on 3/21/09.


First of all, if you don’t know who The Lonely Island is, I truly feel bad for you. Go watch “Nintendo Cartoon Hour” right this second. It’s one of the biggest and best LOLs on the Internet, new or old, and it’s actually worth the 2:55 minutes of your valuable Internet-memeing time. When you’re done with that, you then need to listen to The Lonely Island’s new comedy/ R&B booty jam album Incredibad.

But back to the four of you who don’t know who The Lonely Island is, even though you probably do. They’re Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg, and Jorma Taccone (you’ve seen him in Gnarls Barkley’s “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” video), and they’re the comedy writer/performer/ beat-makers behind some of your favorite segments on Saturday Night Live, including, but not limited to “Lazy Sunday” (AKA, the FUNNIEST VIRAL VIDEO EVER) until they created “D–--k In A Box” (it won an Emmy!). Remember “Natalie’s Rap,” featuring a potty-mouthed Natalie Portman dropping rhymes about doing lines and dumping deuces in shoes? They did that too. And, chances are you’ve also feasted on the fruits of “J--z In My Pants” and “I’m On A Boat.”

Chances are also that you knew all of that and that you already own Incredibad, The Lonely Island’s musical debut, which features all of the aforementioned songs as well as an amazing gem about Santana (Carlos, not Juelz) champagne, and cameos by Norah Jones, Jack Black, E-40, T-Pain (more on him in a bit), and unofficial fourth Lonely Islander, Justin Timberlake.

Some more Lonely Island background for those of you just now emerging from your voluntary coma: You’ve seen Andy Samberg on Saturday Night Live and in Hot Rod, but Akiva Schaeffer and Jorma Taccone write for SNL too, and they’re pretty much living the normal guy-BFF dream, since they met in junior high days, spent bro time listening to incredibly bad/ great R&B jams and dreaming of the day Santana would finally make an adult beverage. Eventually they started making comedy videos (again, seriously, watch “Nintendo Cartoon Hour”) under the name The Lonely Island. After a few aborted attempts at their own comedy series (thanks FOX… er… and MTV…), they eventually caught the eye of Lorne Michaels, who brought them aboard the SNL mothership, which is how they winded up on a boat… with T-Pain. Who’s actually Jewish, it turns out. (Welcome to the tribe, Faheem!)

Recently, Andy, Akiva, and Jorma stopped by Fort Buzzworthy to share four more things you didn’t know about Incredibad (five, really, but I already up and spoiled one).


Thanks Ryan for the original scoop!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! But is there any way someone would be lovely enough to throw down a transcript for we Canadians who don't get to watch MTV?

Thanks! You folks rock!


Kimberly Wilson said...

Am I the only one waiting for Kiv to come out?

The Lonely Island fan said...

Out where?

Ed Price said...

I think Nick was implying that they think Akiva is gay. I'm pretty sure he's not. However, he's definitely the most metrosexual of the three.


Anonymous said...

I think Jorma is the most metrosexual and completely straight, as we all know. Kiv has had a long term girlfriend, too as long as Andy's been with Joanna (maybe longer?)- I don't think he'd be the type to hide from coming out- he'd be proud.

Anonymous said...

Liz Cackawowski (sp?) I think (Kiv's lady).

Ed Price said...

Liz Cackowsi is Jeannie Tate (from the Jeannie Tate soccer mom YouTube show). She was a writer on the MTV Movie Awards in 2005 and a writer on SNL on and off from 2003 through 2006. Plus she appeared in the SNL Digital Short, Ariel & Efrim (My Testicles). She was also in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I Love You Man with Andy Samberg.

So she's been interacting with the dudes for awhile. She seemed a little old for Kiv from the Jeannie Tate show, but she was acting like an older mom. She's actually quite attractive:

Can you confirm that Kiv is dating her?


Anonymous said...

She also wrote for SNL in 07, I believe, b/c they all won the WGA award.

She's also in the Kentucky Derby Pics (with Kiv), other random pictures, and in the hockey "kiss" (Andy and Joanna) heard round the blogosphere (with Kiv).

It was mentioned somewhere that they've been together for quite some time and judging from the pics over the past years, it looks to be true; however, they could be great friends and she's included because of that and/or that he didn't want to be the only stag dude.

Anonymous said...

a stag like in people magazine- lol

Anonymous said...

someone has posted in akiva's imdb page in the comments that he is dating her and andy is dating joanna

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a long duck dong comment thread! It might as well be turned into a post. We could all use a healthy dose of Akiva! There's not enough out there. :)

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