Monday, December 14, 2009

Andy Samberg - in Show Choir

High school can be tough.

Andy throws a basketball at Taylor. Then he comes up. And apparently he liked Kenan's singing for a moment there. Hmm. Never quite got funny. It was amusing at parts. I don't think it ended well. What do you think?

I'm glad they're using Andy in skits like this more.

It's obvious that they're pulling Kristen out more. They have gotten a lot of heat by featuring Kristen too much and now that they have a few different solid female players, they're trying to save Kristen for the big gun sketches and feature her as the lead in a sketch or two rather than put her in 7 sketches like they used to. So she only appeared in Surprise for this episode (and her voice was in the monologue).

Jenny Slate got to lead in two skits this week (Twilight Debate and Doorbells). I still think she's nervous, but Doorbells was hilarious. So at least they're giving Jenny a shot.

Fred Armisen also only appeared in two sketches this week. The big players were Abby Elliott, Kenan, and Jason Sudeikis (each with 5).

No digital short this week. Hopefully Andy will do one next week before the holiday break.



Anonymous said...

I thought this skit was hilarious! I thought it was the best the whole night. taylor did i great job with his accent. Abby, jenny, and Kenan did a great job acting nervous and scared. Also, Andy was funny as well. Right from the beginning if you listen he is like the only one screaming comments. My favorite was after he left elvis jenny and the principle was like your all getitng a detention and andy screams I'M GOING TO KILL YOU MECASH(or however you spell it). I could not stop laughing i posted it on fbook on oen of my friends walls and a lot of people made comments and they all loved it too. But I agree Andy did look a tad chunky there, even my dad said that =/

Anonymous said...

i thought this was a hoot! i couldn't stop laughing! i like when Andy screams this is gay!

luv for Andy

Ed Price said...

I think Andy did a great job in this, but I think it could have ended a bit better. I did like that he started getting emotional when Kenan was singing. =^)


Anonymous said...

no thats nto what they meant, the whole point was the high schoolers thought the new hip dance musical was gay but when kenan sang like real holiday music in a real holiday tone everybody liked it but right when that booming beat came on his face was like nooooo. Everybody was making fun of the gay hip music stlyings. That was the point he did not get emotional for no reason. And it made it hilarious when he got all mad when mecash came out.=)

Ed Price said...


Agreed. I also don't think he got emotional for no reason.


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? I loved this skit.
I loved all the comments he makes and his face expressions!

And I love how his face changes when Kenan starts to sing. :)

Ed Price said...

Yeah, he made a pretty good jerk. =^)


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