Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top 5 things SNL should do to "use Andy Samberg better"

This came about from a comment conversation I had with Jennifer. Comment if you have more ideas about what SNL could do to "use Andy Samberg better" and I'll add them to this list.

Notes to the writers:

1. Use Andy more. If you have a hilarious idea, consider Andy as a lead in the skit. He's super popular, he's won an Emmy, and he's been nominated for a Grammy. He's had a hit CD (Incredibad), and he's hosted the MTV Movie Awards. Those are a ton of accomplishments for someone still currently on SNL, so consider Andy Samberg for the lead role in any skit (don't put him in every skit; just consider him first).

2. Meet with Andy and think of ideas together. The best SNL ideas come from two or more people (and not just one person). For example, Paula Pell and Kristen Wiig talked together to think of one of Kristen's most popular characters, Gilly (who recently hosted the SNL Christmas special). So just sit down with Andy and have a conversation of what funny characters he could do or what cast members he could team up with in order to do a new character duo.

3. Have Andy impersonate Jimmy Fallon. Andy recently did his Jimmy Fallon impression on the Jimmy Fallon show (as Jimmy's cousin, Jewey Fallon), and it was hilarious! So write a skit where Andy impersonates Jimmy Fallon.

4. Have Andy impersonate Juliette Lewis. Andy impersonated Juliette Lewis in a "Lookers" sketch, and it was the funniest part of the skit... and Andy didn't say anything! So have him expand on his Juliette Lewis impression.

Notes to Lorne Michaels and the producers:

5. Prompt The Lonely Island (TLI) to make another CD and to bring those songs in as digital shorts. The best thing The Lonely Island has done for themselves and for SNL up to this point has been making their Incredibad CD. Think about it. Last summer, they made all the songs for that CD. Then, this past year (08-09 season), they made the following digital shorts because of that CD: Space Olympics, Ras Trent, Ji#* in My Pants, I'm on a Boat, and Like a Boss (then they topped it off with an original song they made after the CD, Mother Lover). They have never had that many quality songs in one season. And they won't do that this season either.

So you need to give them a mandatory break to make some songs right now, or make them do a CD this summer. How do you make them do it? Give them a bonus incentive, ask them nicely, give them a paid leave to get it done... whatever it takes. TLI, SNL, and NBC all will greatly profit from it.

I have a few more ideas (maybe for later):

- Bring Jorma onto the cast
- Have Andy do a musical digital short with Jimmy Fallon
- Have Andy also do one with Taylor Swift (she been practically begging for it)
- Have Andy do a follow-up song with T-Payne.
- Have Andy do a follow-up song with Tom Hanks.
- Have Andy do a song with Steve Martin.
- Have Andy do a digital short with Shannon Elizabeth. She twittered that she wants to.
- Have Andy do a follow-up song with Natalie Portman.
- Have Andy do a follow-up song with Will Ferrell.
- Have Andy do a song with Adam Sandler.
- Get Andy and TLI to make more musical digital shorts.
- Get the SNL Digital Shorts up on YouTube (try the NBC YouTube channel again, or just do an SNL YouTube channel).
- Get more of the Digital Shorts up on TheLonelyIsland YouTube channel.

So leave a comment if you have any more ideas! Let's get this article read by the right people!



B. said...


Anonymous said...

Eh, a few comments I have. I'm a huge Andy Samberg fan but your basing this all off his popularity. If you ever watch him on live skits he always has to look at the cue cards unlike other cats members who just have to glance with at there cue card and go with it. You can always see Andy reading his cue cards. Also,to much Andy will just make him boring. I love Kristen Wiig but sometimes when she is used to much she is just, boring. Also, a musical digit short with Taylor Swift is an eh. You either like her music or don't. her episode was funny but I think she was just blessed with funny skits.
I agree Andy should be in more but not to much.

Ed Price said...


I agree that they shouldn't use Andy too much, but I think part of what makes Kristen annoying when she is played too much is that many of her characters and impressions are similar, and most of them are single characters. She doesn't team up enough. For example, I never thought Will Ferrell was played too much when he was on, and he was on a lot. The reason is that the vast majority of his characters (especially his most popular ones) were team characters where he played off of other cast members. It also gave his characters a wider variety than Kristen has.


Anonymous said...

If they added Jorma to the cast I would be the happiest person in the world. He is an awesome actor. I agree about Kristen Wiig. She is talented and all, but after a while it gets to be too much. I think it would be that way with anyone, though. said...

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