Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Katy Perry is in love with Andy Samberg (MTV VMA stuff)

AKA she has a HUGE CRUSH on Andy Samberg, which is a pretty big compliment for Andy, seeing how this is Katy Perry:

Katy even told Andy she's crushing on him. So Andy, if you ever break up with this one (Joanna Newsom, current girlfriend)...

Then this one will be waiting in the wings (where does the phrase "in the wings" come from?)...

Check out the article...

If Andy Samberg were single, Kate Perry would so be trying to make him j**z in his pants.

The perky pop singer can't get enough of the Saturday Night Live funnyguy.

"! I just saw Andy Samberg," Perry, 24, stuttered to me on last night's VMA red carpet. "I know he's going out with someone, but he's so hot.

"," she said again. "I'm going to freak out. I'm already creaming in my panties. Oh my...!"

Ms. Perry finally did get to meet Samberg...

A source tells me that one of Perry's handlers introduced her to Samberg, 31.

"Katie was really cute. She was sort of speechless," the source said. "And then she was like, 'I have the biggest crush on you.' She turned so red."

Meanwhile, Perry said she'd love to do more guest judging on American Idol.

Click here to read about her thoughts on American Idol after she guest hosted:

Click here to read about her thoughts before guest hosting American Idol:



Anonymous said...

hmmm. i do not like katy perry. i like his current girlfriend so much more and in my opinion she is a lot prettier too.

MJS95 said...

what's his current girlfriend's name?

Ed Price said...


Joanna Newsom. I just added that to the blog post. Thanks!


Haylie said...

Don't get me wrong.. I love your blog.. but it kinda seems like you're bagging on Joanna. I love Katy, but I don't know... I just think it's kinda mean because everyone pretty much is telling him to break up with her. You showed the pictures of Katy Perry compared to Joanna Newsom and I kinda thought that was mean. Sorry ! It's just my opinion. :/

Ed Price said...


You're stretching a little. Mean would have been, "Hey Andy, look what you're missing! Compare these two girls!" Or something like that. So I guess we disagree and think that this isn't mean. All we said was basically there's another hot music starlet waiting in the wings.


Anonymous said...

Joanna Newsom is so beautiful and so is her music.

caitlyngriffith said...

Joanna Newsom and Katy Perry CANNOT even be compared. Joanna Newsom is better in every way. She has such a beautiful mind and I'm sure Andy is smart enough to see that.

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