Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SNL 5/16/09 - Will Ferrell & Green Day

Updated 5/26/09: Added the Wade Blasingame commercial. Also recently added the Vietnam Song at the bottom. Originally posted 5/17/09.

It was the last episode of the season. The Lonely Island was warmed up to see if they could do a short with Will Ferrell (Will produced Andy Samberg's Hot Rod film), and instead this was a star-studded extravaganza! You thought the stars were out last week? Well this week the stars were shining brightly!!!

Featuring appearances from...

Host: Will Ferrell

Musical Guest: Green Day

Tom Hanks
Anne Hathaway
Artie Lange
Norm MacDonald
Elisabeth Moss
Amy Poehler
Paul Rudd
Maya Rudolph

The big one for me was the Jeopardy skit. The jeopardy skit was originally known for the interactions between Will Ferrell (Alex Trebek) and Norm MacDonald (Burt Reynolds). However, it quickly became known for the antics between Will and Darrell Hammon (Sean Connery). So to see Alex, Burt, and Sean all portrayed in the same skit by their respective talents was absolutely great. I think they should have put Abby's Angelina Jolie in there instead of Wiig's Gifford, but that's my opinion.

Because the skits were longer, there were less of them. Andy Samberg only appeared once, in a massive ensemble skit at the end, the Vietnam Song. I think they wanted to concentrate on Will, the stars, and plus Andy has been in the spotlight with Mother Lovers, MTV Movie Awards, on Fallon and Leno (Leno this week), and he's hosting Just Shorts tonight. So I think they wanted to settle down a bit on Andy Samberg and not feature him this episode.

Overall, all the cast appeared less than usual because there were fewer skits and to make way for all the stars.


Jorma dances to Green Day before the show.

Web Promo: Will Ferrell and Kenan Thompson

Will Ferrell's urine is considered currency!

SNL Promo: Will Ferrell & Green Day & Kristen Wiig

This one is much funnier when Will and Kristen think of some jokes together.
Judging from Kristen's look when Will says "Plug!" makes me think that she helped author that joke.

Cold Opening: Cheney in Makeup
Will Ferrell ... George W. Bush
Abby Elliott ... makeup artist
Darrell Hammond ... Dick Cheney

Cheney and GW are reunited on TV.
Will still has the reigning George W impression.

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell opens the show with drama.

Encore Presentation: Wade Blasingame

Show: The Lawrence Welk Show
Will Ferrell ... Ted Netters
Fred Armisen ... Lawrence Welk
Abby Elliott ... sister
Michaela Watkins ... sister
Kristen Wiig ... Junice
Casey Wilson ... Nora

The Finger Lake sensation is back!
When Kristen comes out she says, "and immm judiceeee" - her name

Gameshow: Jeopardy!
Will Ferrell ... Alex Trebek
Norm MacDonald ... Burt Reynolds
Tom Hanks
Darrell Hammond ... Sean Connery
Kristen Wiig ... Kathie Lee Gifford

Kathie Lee, Tom Hanks, Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds face off with Trebek.
Tom Hanks was great! Also, it would have been better to get more Burt Reynolds in there. He didn't even laugh. =^)

Show: Inside the NBA
Will Ferrell ... Mark
Bill Hader ... Ernie Johnson Jr.
Kenan Thompson ... Charles Barkley
Kristen Wiig ... Rachel

Musical Performance: "Know Your Enemy"
Green Day

Weekend Update
Seth Meyers
Amy Poehler
Will Ferrell ... Harry Caray

The broadcasting legend returns from beyond.
Really with Seth and Amy:

Remembrances / Funeral
Will Ferrell ... Graham Yost
Maya Rudolph ... Glenda Goodwin
Fred Armisen ... rock and roll shorts guy
Abby Elliott ... guest
Will Forte ... anti-Obama guy
Bill Hader ... guest
Bobby Moynihan ... microphone guy
Jason Sudeikis ... priest
Michaela Watkins ... blonde
Kristen Wiig ... Gail
Casey Wilson ... wife

A few last words for the dearly departed...
This is like the sequal to the wedding skit. Funny stuff!

Musical Performance: "21 Guns"
Green Day

Musical Sketch: Vietnam Song
Will Ferrell ... Fritz
Green Day
Amy Poehler
Anne Hathaway
Artie Lange
Elisabeth Moss
Maya Rudolph
Norm MacDonald
Paul Rudd
Tom Hanks
Fred Armisen ... musician
Abby Elliott ... musician
Will Forte ... musician
Bill Hader ... Keith
Darrell Hammond ... Raymond Fadarico
Seth Meyers ... musician
Bobby Moynihan ... musician
Andy Samberg ... musician
Jason Sudeikis ... musician
Kenan Thompson ... friend
Michaela Watkins ... musician
Kristen Wiig ... musician
Casey Wilson ... musician

Yeah, this is what happens when you let Will Ferrell do whatever he wants. Still it's phenominal just to see all those stars up there with all the cast. Next time they should have TLI write the skit. That would probably involve more blood and bodies bursting. =^)

Thanks Rebecca!



Anonymous said...

What's up with the vietnam song, that was classic, can we get a status update?

Ed Price said...

We're still bugging them. Go to NBC.com/SNL and leave lots of comments to help us out. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

The Jeopardy sketch is one of the best things I have ever seen. it was so funny!

I have Burt Reynolds as a voice on my GPS and the guy who plays him in this skit sounds just like him. I got Reynolds and Mr. T as real celebrity voices from a place called Navtones. If you have a satnav I recommend it.

I'm off to get my hand stuck in a pickle jar. Great SNL, I hope it remains this good.

Ed Price said...


That's the great Norm MacDonald. He was on SNL back in the day.


Ed Price said...


Burt Reynolds was played by the great Norm MacDonald. He was on SNL back in the day. The first jeopardy skits were with him and Alex. Then Hammond's Sean Connery joined in and they never looked back.


Anonymous said...

They did not post the Vietnam song on the Itunes episode either! What gives! They didn't give "Mother Lover" or others when buying the episode either! That's totally screwed up. I understand them not giving the musical performances due to copyright laws, but for goodness sakes, they robeed us of the other goodies. The sing-a-long was one of my favorite sketches. It seemed like The Lonely Island did have something to do with it- not unsimilar to others including the Doogie Howser one- and had the long gag before the punch line, very similar to their style. Who knows?! I hope they post it, but I'm really bummed I cannot watch it with the episode I purchased."(

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. I just looked up some old Jeopardy sketches and loved them. That Norm MacDonald does Burt Reynolds so well.

Anonymous said...

well- glad it's out there to enjoy- still erked as poo-didily that they didn't provide it on the itunes episode.....didn't provide mother lover either.....grrr.

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