Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Andy Samberg Discusses ‘Motherlover,’ Temp Jobs And The 2009 MTV Movie Awards With Jay Leno

This is just an article covering Andy's appearance on Leno that we already posted...

Our 2009 MTV Movie Awards host Andy Samberg was on Jay Leno last night to talk about his days as a temp, loving mothers, his early stand-up career… and of course to plug his Best Kiss contender, “Pommel: The Bobby Brooks Story.” I don’t think we’ve got a choice on this one, readers … we’re going to have to give it to him!

If you’re wondering about the steps one must take to become an MTV Movie Awards host, Samberg revealed his troubled years in the temp scene. One job involved “tying ribbons” for a greeting card company — a job he and his fellow Lonely Island members Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone were fired from because they were daring to talk while tying ribbons. The Lonely Island trio decided to leave rather than stay silent, but their tragic story has a silver lining: “[while it lasted, temping] worked out perfectly because we were never up that early, and we were able to have McDonalds’ breakfast… it was delightful!”

Those days are past now, and Samberg now hosts award shows and collaborates with Justin Timberlake to romance one another’s mothers. When asked how the sensual sequel to “D*ck in a Box” came about, Samberg revealed it was largely Timberlake’s idea. “We weren’t sure we wanted to go back to those characters. But Justin is pretty hard-headed and was all ‘Everyone thinks we won’t do it, and that’s exactly why we should!’”

Writing the sketch is one thing, but asking the likes of Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson to participate is another. Samberg was too scared to ask personally, so he had the “SNL” talent department call for him. He needn’t have worried, as the two actresses said yes immediately and blew away the “SNL” cast and crew with their hotness. “[They were] way too hot for the joke!” Samberg insisted, revealing that Sarandon and Timberlake’s kitchen homage to “Bull Durham” had “a lot of guys crossing their legs on that set.”

It’s stories like these that make us thrilled with our choice of an MTV Movie Awards host — and we can’t wait to see him in action on May 31st. You’re joining us, right? Cast your votes now, before it’s too late!



alexis said...

i love andy jorma and akiva they are so feaking funny me and all of my friends are making a video for im on a boat its ganna be great ill post it when we r done its ganna kick ass!!i mean but....

Ed Price said...

Cool, Alexis. Let us know!


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