Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Andy Samberg Blog - Link List Updates!

Updated link lists...

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Andy Samberg's Love Life!!!

Joanna Newsom - Kentucky Derby
Joanna Newsom - Airport
Joanna Newsom - SNL after-party
Joanna Newsom
Kisses Joanna Newsom
Aubrey Plaza
Isla Fisher
Scarlett Johansson
Natalie Portman
Kirsten Dunst

Popular Samberg Videos

Slaughter Shack (Will Arnett & Bill Hader)
Knuckle Up (Rashida Jones)
Fast & Bi-curious (Seth Rogen)
Like A Boss (Seth Rogen)
Sexy Phone Voice (Seth Rogen & Bill Hader)
Swedish Chef (Muppet Bus)
Cathy (+ Jessica Rabbit)
I'm On a Boat
Laser Cats 4
J--- in My Pants
Rahm Emmanuel
Blizzard Man Part 3
Beyonce Backup Dancers
Kissing Family
Rasta Man
Jam the Vote
Mark Wahlberg talks to animals
Extreme Activities Competition
Space Olympics
Klondike Bar - Staring Contest
Klondike Bar - Phone Call
CPR Class
The Best Look in the World
Roof Garden Tour
Jack Johnson's Mellow Show
Laser Cats 3
Andy's Dad dates Jonah
The Hero Song
The Mirror
Diablo Cody
Grandpa's DVDs
Pepsi Superbowl Commercial
Andy Punching
Iran So Far
Roy Rules
Dear Sister
Junk in a Box
Laser Cats
My Testicles
Andy Walking
Natalie Portman Rap
Young Chuck Norris
Narnia Rap
Jack Johnson's JJ Casuals
Computer Man Tryouts
The Bu (all episodes)

Every Andy Samberg Digital Short

The Fast and Bi-curious (Seth Rogen)
Like A Boss (Seth Rogen)
The Party (Bill Hader)
Jonas Brothers are Immortal
I'm On a Boat
Laser Cats 4 (Steve Martin)
NFL Forefathers
J--- in My Pants
Everyone's a Critic
Ras Trent (Rasta Man)
Jam the Vote
Extreme Activities Competition
Space Olympics
The Best Look in the World
Death by Chocolate
Daiquiri Girl
Laser Cats 3... D
Andy's Dad
Hero Song
The Mirror
Grandkids in the Movies
Andy Punches
Iran So Far
Talking Dog
Roy Rules
The Shooting (Dear Sister)
Business Meeting
Andy Popping Into Frame
Nurse Nancy
Laser Cats 2
Junk in a Box
Pep Talk
Harpoon Man
Cubicle Fight
Andy Walking
My Testicles (Ariel & Efrim)
Laser Cats 1
Natalie Raps
Young Chuck Norris
Lazy Sunday (Narnia Rap)



Anonymous said...

Hey, I stumbled upon this screenshot of Andy on some snl skit that I've never seen before:


Do you guys have the link or the name of the skit?

Ed Price said...

Yes! This is Andy Samberg doing an impression of Conor Oberst. No video is available. The skit took place on 5/20/06, the Kevin Spacey episode. We'll blog this with more info.



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