Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mark Wahlberg is taking Andy Samberg's impression a little too personally

Usually celebs don't comment on SNL impressions or they just shrug them off. But it looks like Mark Wahlberg is taking Andy Samberg's impression a little too seriously and personally.

It seems like he's insulting Andy Samberg and the show as a whole. He points to "the glory days" being when Eddie Murphy was on. Eddie Murphy? Sure, he was hilarious, but he was only on for a few years, and he was basically holding the show. That was not an ensemble time for SNL. That's when Lorne Michaels was off the show. When Lorne returned, he let everyone go except for Murphy and Piscopo. Then he tried hiring a bunch of known B or C comedic actors (Anthony Michael Hall, Randy Quaid, James Belushi, Robert Downey Jr., etc.) until he was able to round up fresh new comedians (which is what SNL was always about) with the likes of Dennis Miller, Mike Meyers, Dana Carvey, Jon Lovitz, Kevin Nealon, Phil Hartman, etc.

Then the legacy continued on with the likes of Janeane Garofalo, Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, Adam Sandler, Conan O'Brien, Chris Farley, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider, and then on to the likes of Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, Molly Shannon, Tracey Morgan, and leading up to Tina Fey, Jimmy Falon, and our current greats Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, Darrell Hammond, Amy Poehler, etc.

So it's a little irking that his only positive memory of SNL was when it was dry and being carried by Eddie Murphy. Sure, I'll be the first to admit that I thought SNL was quite dry for quite awhile after Will Ferrell left (and maybe right before Will Ferrell started getting into his groove on the show), back when the show was being carried by Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey.

He obviously hasn't seen Andy's more popular shorts, SNL's biting political skits, Weekend Update, or any of the other breakout performances coming out of Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, Jason Sudiekis (his Biden was amazing), Amy Poehler, and newcomer Bobby Moynihan.

And what was he asleep during the 80s and 90s? How the heck can you mention Eddie Murphy and not mention Mike Meyers, Adam Sandler, and Will Ferrell?

Plus he somehow mixed Bill Murray with SNL in the 80s? Bill Murray took over Chevy Chase's spot. He left before Piscopo and Murphy came on.

Okay, I'm done ranting. I'll still watch Mark Wahlberg's movies, but this is a major "Grrr." Especially how he implies that it isn't funny right now and that SNL has asked him a ton of times to come on but he thinks he's better than SNL. Grrr.

Hey, Mark Wahlberg, watch the Andy Samberg again and listen to the audience laughs! That's what the entire American public thinks about Andy's skit. You obviously took it too personally!!!

Mark Wahlberg Fails To See Humor In SNL Skit

Despite being one of the funniest impressions featured on “Saturday Night Live” since Bill Hader’s Daniel Day-Lewis “I drink your milkshake” spoof, Mark Wahlberg doesn’t see what was so funny about a recent SNL sketch titled “Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals,” in which cast-member Andy Samberg captures the “Max Payne” star to a t.

Asked about the impression during an interview this weekend with the New York Post, Wahlberg panned Samberg’s impression before taking a swipe at the show itself.

“Someone showed [me the skit] on YouTube,” Wahlberg said. “It wasn't like Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin, that's for sure.”

Wahlberg added “’Saturday Night Live’ hasn't been funny for a long time. They've asked me to do the show a ton of times. I used to watch it when Eddie Murphy was there and Joe Piscopo and Bill Murray. I don't even know who's on the show now.”


Promoting his new action film “Max Payne” in the interview, Wahlberg went on to note that after playing an accountant and science teacher in his last two films (“The Happening” and “The Lovely Bones”), he was eager to take on a more “physical” role.

“[Max Payne] is everything we hoped it would be. We're not trying to win the Academy Award, we're trying to thoroughly entertain people. And I got to play a character that I really get to go off. I get to exorcise all those demons that I couldn't in "The Happening" and "The Lovely Bones." This is a very physical guy.”

Tip to Andy Samberg: If you see Mark Wahlberg on the street…run



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