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Saturday Night Live, 10/18/08 - Josh Brolin & Adele

Updated with even more vids, info, images, and thoughts. Njoy!

Governor Palin Cold Open

Gov. Palin pays a visit to the show

Summary: As Tina Fey portrays Gov. Sarah Palin in a sketch, the real Sarah Palin watches backstage with Lorne Michaels and is confused for Tina Fey by hotheaded Alec Baldwin.

Recurring Characters: Sarah Palin.

Wow! So much is happening here!

Governor Palin actually makes a reference to our idea, which was for her to do a 30 Rock sketch! I don't know why they didn't do that! That would have been even funnier than this! This was the more obvious route to go down, but the 30 Rock skit would have been even more biting and hilarious! But, anyway, whatever the reason, they didn't go that route.

Governor Palin, come back and do the 30 Rock skit!!! Please!!!

There is a funny dynamic with the backstage appearances of Alec, Governor Palin, Lorne, and Mark Wahlberg. They also set up the skit of Mark Wahlberg confronting Andy Samberg.


Backstage: Gov. Palin Visits

Cameras caught the action Backstage!

It's almost more of a promo for the opening sketch.

Josh Brolin's Monologue

Summary: Josh Brolin displays the mannerisms of President George W. Bush, but has to be reminded by director Oliver Stone to mention their film by name.


Summary: Macgruber (Will Forte) is sidetracked from defusing the bomb while checking his stocks online.

MacGruber loses his shirt in the market.

Recurring Characters: MacGruber, Vicky.

Hahaha. They still keep it fresh even though it's the exact same skit like 20 times now.


Surprise Proposal

Summary: Chris (Josh Brolin) informs his friends that he'll be proposing to his girlfriend Cat (Casey Wilson) that evening, but the excitement is much more than Sue (Kristen Wiig) can handle.

Recurring Characters: Sue.

Ah, yes, another Kristen Wiig crazy character. She likes surprises. =^)

MacGruber II

Summary: A financially-strapped Macgruber (Will Forte) is sidetracked from defusing the bomb while stealing valuables from Vicky (Kristen Wiig) and (Josh Brolin).

Recurring Characters: MacGruber, Vicky.

-> See the video above.

Jorma is responsible for Will Forte's job security on this show. =^)

(Meaning that Jorma wrote this character and these skits for Will; and it's Will's main character right now.)


The Suze Orman Show

Summary: Financial expert Suze Orman (Kristen Wiig) is ignorant of the financial hardships expressed by her viewers.

Recurring Characters: Suze Orman.

Mark Wahlberg Backstage

Mark Wahlberg talks to Andy...

Summary: Mark Wahlberg demands an explanation from Andy Samberg for last episode's "Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals" sketch.

Andy! Andy! Andy!

Check out our thoughts here:


I'm No Angel

Summary: A heavily pregnant woman (Amy Poehler) flirts with rough riders at a honkytonk bar, as way of promoting Greg Allman's (Will Forte) new fragrance.

Recurring Characters: Greg Allman.

MacGruber III

Summary: A financially-strapped Macgruber (Will Forte) is sidetracked from defusing the bomb while trying to solicit money from Vicky (Kristen Wiig) and (Josh Brolin) for shooting a ping-pong ball out of his ass.

Recurring Characters: MacGruber, Vicky.

-> See the video above.


Adele performs "Chasing Pavements"

Weekend Update with Amy Poehler & Seth Meyers

Recurring Characters: Tim Calhoun, Jean K. Jean.

Summary: Tim Calhoun (Will Forte) nervously represents America's Write-in Party.

Tim Calhoun lays out his qualifications for office

"I hate baby dentists... I propose we make a quieter syren for library fires."

Summary: French Def Jam comedian Jean K. Jean jokes about the economy.

Well, at least the dancing was funny. =^)

Amy Poehler takes over a Sarah Palin rap when the real Sarah Palin decides it would be a bad political move to perform it herself.

Amy steps in for Gov. Palin

Hahahahaha!!! I can't watch enough of that!

Alright, you know that The Lonely Island wrote that and tried to get Sarah Palin to perform it, and then Amy said she'd do it, so they just added all that into the skit. You can tell Jorma made the beat and the dudes wrote it. The lyrics have similarities to the Natalie Portman rap, and the dancing Andy Samberg in the background, "Eskimoes!" (as an Eskimo rather than a Viking) is similar. Plus Natalie Portman did the glock thing as well.

Also, Andy Samberg said that his original intention with the Narnia Rap was to integrate a rap with Chris Parnell into the Weekend Update (similar to how Chris had done in the past). So this is the first rap he's tied into the Weekend Update.


Summary: Jerry (Bill Hader) jokingly bestows grumpy co-worker Carl (Will Forte) with the nickname "Fartface", which he quickly unloads on Jim Deaver (Josh Brolin) in an act of revenge that goes too far.

Narc School

Summary: Ms. Matthews (Casey Wilson) is unable to teach her class because all the students have been replaced with narcs (Josh Brolin, Kristen Wiig, Will Forte, Darrell Hammond).

Summary: Spokesman (Jason Sudeikis) promotes the web site where the primary aim is to sell or unload your stocks as quickly as possible.

Spokesman.....Jason Sudeikis
Woman.....Casey Wilson
Man with dog.....Bobby Moynihan
Stocky black man.....Kenan Thompson
Executive.....Fred Armisen


New York Underground

Summary: Trevor Dix (Bill Hader) profiles underground musician Joshua Rainhorn (Fred Armisen).

Adele performs "Cold Shoulder"

Fall Foliage

Summary: Business executive (Josh Brolin) tries to push his employees to be as psyched about the Fall foliage as he is.


Josh Brolin: Thanks to Adele, Governor Sarah Palin, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, Oliver Stone, Tina Fey! Thank you to everybody for coming! "Saturday Night Live"!

Transcript from:

Overall thoughts:

Wow, what a show! Tons of guest appearances in this show! We did see some Andy Samberg, and I know Andy and the Lonely Island were the driving forces behind the Palin Rap.

But I was hoping to get a good digital short! Andy Samberg did promise another Laser Cats this season, and I'm waiting for him to pull out another song that will help reinvent him this season, like Narnia Rap (Natalie Portman Rap, Young Chuck Norris), Junk in a Box, and Iran So Far.

I want a sequel to Extreme Activities Competition. Check out our ideas here:

And I want him to do another impression of Mark Wahlberg! Come on Andy, after all the buzz that skit is causing (partially in thanks to Mark Wahlberg's reactions), it's now your most popular impression!!!!

Plus I still want Governor Palin to come back and do that 30 Rock skit we've been wanting her to do for awhile! At least she mentioned it this episode, but mentioning it isn't good enough! She's the one who said she wanted to do it (even if it was a written line), so she should be allowed to do it!!!

Enjoy, everyone! Stop on by for more Andy Samberg and SNL goodness!!!

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