Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thursday Update - 10/09/08

Thursday Update - 10/09/08

SNL is doing these Thursday updates.

It's another excuse to milk Weekend Update Hilarity and all the political shenanigans going on right now. I hope it takes on enough followers to stick around longer than they think it will.

Mostly featuring current SNLers, but they're also bringing back some golden oldy alumnis. Check this out while we look for any unlikely Andy Samberg appearances...

Show Open - Debate

Obama and McCain debate the issues; Featuring Bill Murray and Chris Parnell

Chris Parnell and Bill Murray makes alumni appearance. Current SNL players include Casey Wilson, Fred Armisen, Darrell Hammond, Bill Hader, Bobby Moynihan (Kenan Thompson and Andy Samberg in the background), Jason Sudeikis (Andy in the background again), Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg! (as David Kip), Kenan Thompson.

Chris Parnell looks pleased that the audience remembers and appreciates him.

So some people have said that they don't think Fred's Obama impression is funny. I think the reason is that Fred concentrates so hard on getting the mannerism, that his Obama becomes the "straight man" that everyone else plays off of. He only makes fun of his stammering and the time it takes for him to answer anything and get anything out. It's a dry character that relies on the other characters to build any comedic moments. (The alien story gets close, but it's still about serious meandering.)

Andy Samberg in the background!!!

The wandering McCain is hilarious!!!

Nice Bill Murray appearance. It looks like they just handed him the card two minutes prior and said, "Here. Read this."

That ended hilarious with the simultaneous questions from Andy Samberg and Kenan and the simultaneous answers (and more hilarious wandering). Great opening to the show!!!

Hall And Oats - Will Forte Song

Hall and Oats join Seth and Amy for some musical debate

Featuring current SNL players: Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen, and Will Forte.

A few Weekend Update gags open this up. Hilarious song! Fred and Will could do stuff like this every week (they should).

Seth & Amy Goodness

Really?! with Seth and Amy and Fix It!! The "Fix it" part is Kenan's character.

Featuring SNL regular players Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, and Kenan Thompson.

A few funny gags here. Good gag from Amy about the bald dudes. I still don't think Kenan is funny (except as a straight man).

Success! They included Andy in a skit as an audience member. He needs more charcters and political impressions.


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