Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mark Wahlberg threatens Andy Samberg!!! Perez Hilton thinks Mark Wahlberg is a douche!

Special thanks to Jen from JenAndKatCandy for this scoop:

What with Mark Wahlberg weighing in on Andy Samberg's performance (of Andy's impression of Mark talking to animals)...

Perez Hilton decides to weigh in on Mark Wahlberg:

Check it out:

Or watch here:

You're darn right Perez! Mark Wahlberg is a douche! He went from an honest answer in a magazine to hamming it up, threatening Andy Samberg, and using the catch phrase that Andy made famous, "Say hi to your mother for me." (Right after Wahlberg said that he has never said that phrase.)

So, why did he do this? Simple. He was building up a "fake fight" publicity stunt for SNL. Watch that video here:

Judging how Jimmy Kimmel is trying to get more viewers from his publicity stunts (what with the Ben Affleck and Matt Damon vids that he and Sarah Silverman did for his show)... you know he jumped for this opportunity to be a part of this stunt. (It also comes across in his laughing while Mark Wahlberg talks.)

And here's Andy's performance again:

And since we're on the topic of Perez Hilton...

One thing I don't get about Perez Hilton is why he thinks he looks handsome and thin on all his branding...

When he's actually not so thin and not so handsome...

That said, Perez Hilton does pose with hot chicks a lot:

So he seemed to be much thinner and slightly handsomer two years ago when he was a little less famous (as shown above with Nicole Ritchie and Lindsay Lohan).

FYI: He changed his Web name to Perez Hilton in order to capitalize on Paris' name. Talk about lame!!! She doesn't seem to mind though.



Anonymous said...

Hey you might wanna check your facts before you bash someone.
Perez has lost like 50 pounds in the last few months. And you would know that if you knew what you were talking about.

Ed Price said...

Interesting. I actually didn't say that he doesn't have fans who like him. So your argument is that you like him. Great. That's beside the point.

What I said is that his branding gives him an image that is not like his true image. And I also said that he used Paris' name for recognition.

As far as I know, I didn't bash anyone. I simply stated facts. The only bashing I did was to say that he changed his name to get a little attention. I thought that was lame. However, you didn't address that issue.

As far as his weight goes, he's looked like that for the past year or so that he's been on YouTube, and for longer before that. So, no, I don't follow his weight progress weekly (which goes to the point that you are pretty much arguing against the assumption that I'm saying he has no fans; I gladly admit that he has fans).

Do you have images of his current weight progress?

And even if he has gotten back to being skinny, that's only half the issue of his branding issues that I brought up. The other half is that he makes himself out to look handsome with chiseled features. That's just not true. He should be willing to admit that he's just a blogger who hangs out with models; he's not a model himself.

By changing his name and attempting to control his physical image, (and being "too good for YouTube"), he's coming across as arrogant. (Regardless as to whether or not he actually is arrogant, which he probably isn't.)


Anonymous said...

--Heads up on the info brought to you by Jen ;)

Anonymous said...

Soooo, you may want to update this now that Mark Wahlberg TOTALLY REDEEMED HIMSELF on Saturday!!! So awesome.... ;)

Kat Candy

Ed Price said...

Good point Kat. I meant to update it. I'm also adding links between these posts.

I honestly hoped Andy would do gags like this (it smacks of the old Andy Kaufman stuff where he would get in fake fights on talk shows like Letterman). But it caught me by surprise because I didn't think Mark Wahlberg would do this. I doubt he thought of it (it plays out like SNL writers wrote it), but he had the common sense to agree to it. =^)


Anonymous said...

"So, no, I don't follow his weight progress weekly"

I love it!!!!!!
Perez is a total gross lamewad douchebag. That pretty much sums him up. said...

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