Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jason says NBC is doing the new video thing with Andy Samberg's videos

No offense, but Jason, you aren't all that well informed. SNL isn't trying to show clips on NBC dot com because of the success of Hulu.

SNL has been hosting videos on their website since Andy Samberg's Narnia skit made YouTube explode back in 2005. That's right, they've had videos up since early 2006.

The video system up on right now is the third system that NBC has tried in order to get it right. They've also posted the SNL skits up on MySpace, YouTube, and now Hulu. They still use MySpace and Hulu, but they pulled out of YouTube. YouTube doesn't really make content providers much money, and the other sites provide full commercials, better advertising banners, and buttons to sell the DVDs. So NBC has been around in this game almost as long as YouTube.

SNL on MySpace (they've been there for about a year):


Live From The Web, It’s Any Night You Like

NBC Ponders SNL On Demand Site

Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels and NBC are working on a Web-video site dedicated to the iconic sketch show. The site would allow fans to download individual sketches, clips, and even dress rehearsal skits that never aired.

Broadcasting & Cable is reporting that plans are still in the early stages, and that the idea is inspired by the success of SNL sketches on Hulu. Likely, popularity on YouTube has been a driving factor, too, though the corporate line probably wouldn’t allow them to mention that.

The first SNL/YouTube phenom that comes to mind is “Lazy Sunday,” which sparked a lot of tension between SNL and YouTube, just ahead of the Viacom lawsuit. When the video’s popularity proved to be a boon to SNL—after years of steady decline—NBC was less vigilant about taking it down.

In fact, since then SNL’s Andy Samberg has produced regular short video pieces intended for the Web, with varying degrees of quality. One involving a Justin Timberlake and a box was a pretty nice addition to the comedy scene, though.

It will be interesting to see if expanded video presence on the Web will continue to fuel TV viewing on Saturday nights. More fun will be access to classic SNL sketches and classic casts—the eras between Eddie Murphy and Phil Hartman, and between Will Ferrell and the present excluded, obviously.

Now that the political season has boosted SNL’s ability to hang onto Tina Fey for a little while longer, post-election SNL producers should probably work on actually being funny.


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