Sunday, October 05, 2008

Andy Samberg - Is a Human ATM, and he Can't keep a chair down (Digital Short: Extreme Activities Competition)

SNL Digital Short: Extreme Activities Competition

We added this video to our list of Popular Samberg Videos on the right bar.

Wait, who won this overall competition? And who won "Do This?" LOL

Nice! Now this is much more like it! We suggested they do something like this three weeks ago: just make fun of the Olympic events with fake events.

I think we pictured silliness a little closer to the actual Olympics, like maybe combining events... like gymnastic sailing... but weird silly events like chair pin and everything else here are also great.

SNL should totally do sequels of this, because they could think of hundreds of these things that would be hilarious.

They could have done better with the Andy turning into Anne effect. And they tend to like the Will Forte awkwardness a little bit more than I do (but I still like it okay). Other than that, pure gold. =^)

Anybody know what kind of shoes Andy was wearing?

What is your favorite part?

- Andy turning around a corner at the beginning.

- Andy trying to balance a hat that doesn't seem to need balancing.

- Andy trying to act casual by leaning against a tree... without touching it.

- Andy completes Shoe Hands successfully, but Kristen can't.

- Andy turns into Anne Hathaway.

- Andy and Kristen "Do this."

- Any can't pin down a chair (our second favorite).

- Andy is a Human ATM and Keenan gets some dollars out of his buttocks (our first favorite).

How about you? What did you like?


Anonymous said...

I liked it too. Good stuff. "Do this", holding down the chair, and coming around the corner at the start are my fav parts. On another note, what kind of shoes is he wearing? Brand name? They're super cool.

Anonymous said...

I made a Human ATM t-shirt on Zazzle a few days ago:

Anonymous said...

Kristen obviously won "Do This." She is the tops in everything!

Anonymous said...

I think andy in wearing reeboks

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