Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Andy Samberg - Is Young Chuck Norris

Updated 7/1/08: Added the imbedded Hulu video. Originally posted on 8/4/06.


This is a hilarious Saturday Night Live Music Video about Young Chuck Norris.

Andy Samberg has rocketed into fame, taking Chris Parnell along with him. Andy's been working for awhile at gaining this fame, as have the other two members of their Lonely Island Dudes.

Here is the Lonely Island website.

The sad thing is that Jorm seems to be the twisted brains of the bunch. He seems to take the most twisted roles in their videos, which implies that he is writing his roles. However, Andy did his time on the comedy club circuit, and so Andy gets to be a featured player while the other two are SNL staff writers. Mark my words, Jorma will become a featured player in a year or two, and then we will be laughing at the ugly guy instead of the pretty one. In the meantime, Jorm, Akiva, and Andy are going to make Andy look really good.

While their humor is hit and miss, the Lonely Island Dudes seem to have found their niche with Saturday Night Live. The SNL environment has helped them find the best humor that lurks inside them. And that brings me to their newest hit video for SNL, "The Young Churck Norris."

This was written by the Lonely Island Dudes. Most people will agree that this is not better than the Narnia Rap. However, some (including my friend Travis), like this one better. To fully appreciate it you have to have been a fan of Chuck Norris at one point in your life.

Otherwise, you'll still think it's funny:

"Kung-fu grip. Mustached lip."

Some people think Chuck Norris has a girlie punch:



TheAnimationEmpire Update (6/29/07)

Here is episode 3 of Who Would Win. We were inspired by Andy Samberg's "Andy Walking" and similar videos from Tom Green.


Ed Price said...

Mad props go to Jason Sudeikis, who plays Doug Brogar, the Meat Loaf-like singer in this video. The first time I saw this, I didn't even recognize Jason. Jason is very good at hiding himself behind his characters.

Ed Price said...

I added the embedded video.

Ed Price said...

Andy Samberg decks Amy Poehler.

Ed Price said...

Added another imbedded video.

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