Thursday, July 31, 2008

PimplyWimp's response to Andy Samberg's Natalie Portman Rap

Right, so here's a vulgar and super weird and hard to follow response to Andy Samberg's Natalie Portman Rap.

But it got 150K views on YouTube. =^)

From the Descript:

This is a response to SNL/The Lonely Island's Natalie Portman Rap. Ryan was quite saddened to learn she has a p*n*s. Lyrics:

We're sitting here today with idiot Ryan Reyes
Natalie (yes) what the hell's wrong?
Confess, was it PMS singing on that song (no)
Let's hang out! Give me a call!
You better not have an angry cyclops
between two balls
Now I feel like Eminem's Stan
Stressed and depressed, are you a man?
Is there a pistol in your holster?
Is that why they cut the full frontal from 'Closer'?
(Do you really want to know?) Yes!
(Do you really want to know?) I just said!
(Is that what you want?)
What's with this suck my d*ck gibberish?
V is for Vagina, lick my clitoris!
I know all there is to know
about the Crying Game
I've had my share of the Crying Game
'Cause my heart's Broke, what? Back Mountain
What? Damn!
Natalie I bet you woulda found Osama
Queen Amidala (Evie Hammond) Hot Momma!
Whatever it is they call ya, you're so cute!
Harvard, a vegan, and a good actor too!
I bet you can spontaneously combust on que
But real quick what's with bald chicks saying
(Suck my d*ck!)
Well, I guess it sells tickets and licorice
You put the P.H. in filth, lick my clitoris!
What a wicked thing to do
to make me dream of you
What a wicked game to play
to make me feel this way
Natalie, I'm not crazy, I'm not an obsessed fan
I just wanna walk hand in hand
with you in the sand
I'll gladly do your laundry, watch Dirty Dancing
Here's an idea, a doppleganger tag team!
(Ideas are bullet proof)
And this is the truth, unless I'm way off (chaos)
You want to quit this stardom sh*t &
take the day off (all the time)
So you can spend it with me
topless at the beach
Screaming suck my d*ck to paparazzi!
(Do you understand what I'm telling you?)
Yeah, Britney style bee-itches! F*ck you!
(Sorry about that little interuption there)
(Believe me Natalie, listen Natalie, this is)
(The fifth...)
(Living side by side in peace)
(...of November)

The mashup includes footage/music from V For Vendetta, The Crying Game, G.I. Jane, Closer, The Upside Of Anger, The Killers, John Lennon, Queen, Chris Isaak, Johnny Cash, Brokeback Mountain, George Bush, the war in Iraq, & Natalie Portman's Rap with original music by King Barf.


pimplywimp said...

i know it's super weird, indeed a bit vulgar i suppose. i graduated from film school with akiva. i guess that's homage to the guys. though it's pretty crazy. hahaha. thanks for putting it on your blog.

muebles alicante said...

Quite effective material, lots of thanks for the article.

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