Monday, November 12, 2007

Fred Armisen remembers the Shia LeBeouf episode

Fred Armisen mentions Andy's skits in his blog.

Here's the blog:

"For the "Sofa King" sketch, we had to be careful with how we said those words. With the way it was sounding during rehearsals I thought for sure we weren't going to get to do it for the live show. Uni-brows are always funny to me btw...

"We shot the "Dear Sister" digital short really really late on a Friday night. Me and Jason did our part at like two in the morning. It was at this hotel a few blocks down from the studio. We walked down the street dressed as cops and pretty much looked like two comedians dressed up as cops. Our dressing room was one of the rooms at the hotel. As soon as we got there we started joking around but were immediately told "shshsh! People are sleeping!" It's so funny to me that that's still a part of my life. Being told to shush. I remember Jorma trying to explain the video idea to me. He was saying "there's this thing that they did on the finale of the O.C., and they play this song and just have to see it." When I finally saw it, it killed me. That song! And Shia's line.. "You guys I just thought of the funniest thing". Who says that? Also putting on that cop uniform made me realize what a terrible cop I would make. I can't deal with confrontation and I know that if I was questioning a criminal, I would take whatever they said at face value, just to get out of there. "Oh okay. You were visiting your cousin but you don't know his name? Sounds good to me, thank you.""


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