Saturday, November 14, 2009

Andy Samberg & January Jones - SNL Promo

New SNL Promo featuring Andy Samberg!

This also includes Fergie and the Black-Eyed Peas.

Andy's hilarious. He didn't have amazing jokes this time, but it was still very funny! First off, his goofy gag "I like this one" gets funnier with each view, especially when you start noticing the facial expressions. Second, his dorky "too late I already did" is very funny. Third, his award joke isn't the best, but still good.

He's too modest, though. He's also an Emmy winner! Hey, why isn't Fergie hosting?

No idea what Andy could do with January.

And here's Fred Armisen promoting SNL with Fred Armisen:

So it seems like January can't sing well. Nothing wrong with that. Fred says something in the third gag at the end about Mad Men that makes January laugh. Anybody catch what he says? Something like "it's cordless."



Tisha Loves Comedy! said...

Yeah, Andy wasn't that funny in the promo, but I agree he was funny when he mentioned the pea pod joke: ''too late I already did''.. Yeah, he could have mentioned that he won an Emmy and referenced ''D*ck In a Box'' and it could have went like this:

Andy: ''Oh, I won an Emmy too.''
January: ''Oh what for?''
Andy: ''For putting my junk in a box''
January: ''Okay..'' *looks around*

Alternate version:

Andy: ''Oh, I won Emmy too.''
January: ''Oh what for?''
Andy: ''For putting my junk in a box for a christmas present to my lover.''
January: *looks around and/or acts nervous* ''Well thats nice''
Andy: ''You know I can give you one''

Also can mention ''Motherlover'':

Andy: ''I won one before, could have won this year!'' *starts to cries*

January: Its okay, Andy. *Pats on back, Andy cries on her shoulder*

Or something like that.

Fred was pretty funny in the promo, yeah January couldn't sing well (she tried) :). I like when Fred was comparing her name to the month of January, that she was also born in. The last one was the best: ''Oh these are photos of sex offenders, we kinda them up as a warning'', love it!

Fred said in the third gag: ''Oh, no, no, God no, no, please come on, its gross''.

Anyway, can't wait for tonight's episode and I hope there a great DS and the BEP will appear in a skit.


Tisha Loves Comedy! said...

Oops, forget to mention I wished the BEP were used strongly than they were in the promo.

Ed Price said...


Yeah, those would have been funny. Usually, Andy comes up with some hilarious ideas and random effects to throw in there. Sort of like Bill Hader's promo with Taylor Swift. This time, Andy didn't really prepare any jokes.

Ah, so "it's gross" made January laugh. January also laughed on the show a few times. I think it was easy for her to laugh whenever the players improv'ed and said things she wasn't expecting.

Oh, and you're right that the BEP got used in a skit. They were in the Today Show skit, but January messed up her lines a lot, and that took the momentum out of that skit.

Yeah, I think Fergie could host on her own. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Fred said "It's gross"

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