Monday, November 23, 2009

Andy Samberg - serenades Reba McEntire? (Two Worlds Collide)

Film SNL Digital Short: Two Worlds Collide with Reba McEntire

Andy and Reba are an item.

Will Forte ... friend
Bobby Moynihan ... friend
Andy Samberg
Kenan Thompson ... Reba McEntire

Wow. This is gross and bizarrely funny. It's good, but not the best. Andy and Kenan probably shouldn't collaborate on another one of these. Andy needs to talk to Seth and TLI and come with another big gun with a little more wit or intelligence to it. So far, the only truly great digital short we've gotten this season was "One the Ground."

I can't help but think that this is Kenan's response to the author of that "10 things to improve SNL" article. That article was on EW, MSNBC, the IMDB forums, and comes up high in search results. I think Kenan read that people think he should stop playing women and then thought about how he could play a woman and get back at them.

Watch out the Internets! SNL bites back! You better stop before Lorne makes an "all Kristen Wiig" episode where Kristen plays every role... just to spite you haters!




Marissa said...

I disagree. Two worlds Collide was hilarious, and I don't think Andy and Kenan should NOT collaborate.

But I do fully agree that the best digital short this season is "On the Ground". That's a hilarious short. :) But I did like both Shy Ronnie and Get Out! Not the best, but I liked them.

AND I'm sure Wiig read it, because they made the "Very Gilly Christmas Special".

Ed Price said...


That's true. But after that article (and many others), Kristen Wiig was pulled back a little from SNL. However, they still wanted to "user her when it counts," like the Gilly special.

I don't think they'd do a "Kristen only" episode, but it would be funny if they did it.


Anonymous said...

I was put off the first time I saw this sketch, but I keep coming back to it after all these years. Most sketches I can sort of recreate where the idea for the sketch came from, but the utter lack of logic and the mix of completely random elements makes this one a complete mystery. I just have to watch it every few months and shake my head in amazement.

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