Sunday, February 13, 2011

Andy Samberg in A Spot of Tea (SNL)

Show - A Spot of Tea

Russell Brand ... lady
Paul Brittain ... butler
Bill Hader ... lady
Andy Samberg ... lady

Three elderly British ladies have a hard time taking sips of their hot tea thanks to an earthquake.

Unfortunately, no digital short this week, and Andy was only in two skits. Here's the second one, but it featured Andy a little better. The first one is called Gublin & Green.

Did you like this one?



Freya said...

I don't get it. Not at all in the slightest bit funny!

Russells monologue was amazing though.

Anonymous said...

i agree. the episode was not funny at all. the monologue was great. russell had unfunny material to work with so i think he tried his best. the funniest part of the night was on weekend update when taran killam did his rap as eminem. it was hilarious and taran did an amazing job!!

CircusCornetto said...

the writers missed such a huge opportunity with russell!! the monologue was great,probably because russell wrote it!! weekend update was great too but the sketches were boring!! Andy shouldve done a digital short with Russell!! and why wasnt Andy featured more?? :/

Anonymous said...

I don't think andy was shown enough and when he was shown in some sketches they didn't show his full talent..the writers could do better.

Anonymous said...

The whole episode, minus Russell's monologue and Taran's Eminem ("Knife!"), was terrible. I'm so sick of the writers parading Kristen Wiig out every week to do the same worn-out characters. Arguably, her best character is Target Lady, and I haven't seen her in a full skit since JT hosted.

freya said...

I know, russell brand has me in stitches constantly with his stand up, they couldve done so much more with such a funny guy. A comedian host should be a funny episode right?! SNL needs to face up to the fact that the sketches just aren't cutting it anymore, they need more of the monologue and weekend update type material.

Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of SNL, but something was wrong with this episode. First, Russel Brand wasn't used to the top of his abilities. Funny man; unfunny material. Second, for the second week in a row, no digital short. I understand that last week SNL wanted to reminisce its former glory with Dana Carvey and focus on him, and the Lonely Island are very busy preparing for a new album, but a cruddy short to the likes of Boogerman would've been better than none. Finally, Kristen Wiig was overused. She is a very funny lady, but, like I said, a funny person can't shine with unfunny material. It isn't just this episode either. Give Abby Elliot screen time;let Nasim Pedrad shine; Vanessa Bayer is also a cast member! Kristen isn't the only female anymore. The good thing was Taran Killam's Eminem. KNIFE!

Connie said...

My favourite skit of the night - very Monty Python-esque. So in that sense they did British humour very well. Maybe you have to be British to get this one, I don't know. But I loved it.

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