Friday, March 21, 2008

Andy Samberg - Filmed the Mirror at Midnight

"Joni here with the pre-show scoop on tonight's SNL!!! I just got off the phone with The Dudez. They shot a digital short last night with Ellen Page from midnight to 3am. Akiva is putting the final touches on the edit as we speak for the 8pm dress rehersal. Word on the street is it's a scary one!!! Tonight!"


Andy shot the digital short with Ellen from Friday, midnight to 3AM? Brutal!!!

And then Joni gets silly...



Dating back to ancient Czech folklore, the story of the mirror man was passed down to countless generations of sleepless Czech-o-slovakians before reaching the Dudes' great-grandparents at various geographic points across Europe and Eastern Asia. Understanding the true nature of the mirror story and the unholy power it possessed, the Dudes' great-grandparents vowed never to pass the story to their children. They were so committed to this cause, that they took their own lives.

Legend has it that years later a traveling child musician purchased the journal of one of the Dudes' great-grandparents from a street vendor and later wrote a song influenced by one of the reoccurring themes from the journal. As it turned out, that musician was Michael Jackson, and it was when "Man in the Mirror" topped the charts for two perfect weeks in the Spring of '88, that the tale of the mirror man first met the ears of the Dudes and their lives would be changed forever.

It hit Akiva first, starting as nightmares and becoming something progressively worse. It has been ten years to the day since he last slept. Andy handled his situation his own way. He locked his door and did not leave for nine days. On the ninth day, he emerged stone-faced and missing three fingers. He has never spoken about what happened in there, but I can only imagine it was a lot of waiting followed by a few brief moments of action. Jorma, on the other hand, had a different experience entirely... he befriended the man in the mirror and they would stay up late telling stories and sharing secrets.

I'm sure you guys have stories about the mirror too, you are not alone!!!

Joni out!



1 comment: said...

I totally agree with the article.

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