Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saturday Night Live: 5/17/08 - Steve Carrell & Usher

Saturday Night Live: 5/17/08 - Steve Carrell & Usher

Watch the skits from last night's episode without any commercials. We go through these episodes looking for Andy Samberg skits. So we post all of them here. Enjoy!

Amy's preggers.

Commencement Open

The Pounder School presents the class of 08

Aah. Name jokes. Didn't Robert Deniro do one of these too?

Small cameo from Andy as a teacher.

Here's a non-political and non-news-event cold open. Pretty rare.

Steve Carell Monologue

Steve comes clean about some Red Bulls

Steve mostly bursts out in um, bursts. It gets better... Nice door gag. Nice audience gag. Steve runs into Nancy Walls, his wife and former SNL cast member. Steve and Nancy also worked on the Daily Show together (both were fairly limited though).

McCain in One

McCain has the other guys beat, in years

No McCain jokes on SNL before now, but at least they put him on the show this week!

Wow. He delivers these jokes very straight. He also does a good job of poking fun at himself and pushing his political agenda at the same time. Mad skills.

Bless This Child

Two parents ask for blessings for their flexible baby doll

Yeah. Steve and Kristen throw around a baby. It ends well.

Update: Jackson / Sharpton

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton urge Barack Obama

"It's a race race!" "Embrace your race. For you cannot erase your face."

More Obama jokes abound. They play the race card for the humor here.

"I wouldn't even leave your house until November."

Update: Sen. McCain

Senator McCain drops by Weekend Update

Up until now, SNL has only featured Republican nominees who dropped out. This is the first time they've featured a Republican nominee who can actually use the exposure for his race.

Hahahahaha!!! This is a hilarious gag, and John, Amy, and Seth really nail this gag.

"That's right. Fight amongst yourselves."

It's also good to see some emotion from MacCain in this one.

"Hey. Let's put both of them on the ballot."

"I also thought John Edwards has a lot of good ideas..."

Charlie Flitt Show

Charlie has used to be a fat guy- just ask him.

Steve dancing. I like how John popped out and surprised Amy. And then again with the audience. =^)

You can see a stage hand resetting the break-away poster. Nice Bill Hader gag.

Clinton / Obama Ad

There can only be one.

More Obama and Hilary jokes.

Digital Short: The Japanese Office

Ricky Gervais presents the inspiration for The Office

Wow. They got Ricky Gervais involved in this one. It's mostly just Japanese versions of and references to the American show.

Deal or No Deal

One man loses it all, badly.

Will Forte does a good old man. Kristen is funny. Yeah this is pretty much all Kristen.

And now the Andy Samberg skit...

CPR Class

CPR saves lives, in general


Technically, Andy also cameo'd in the cold open at the top (Commencement Open).


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