Thursday, May 15, 2008

Saturday Night Live: 5/10/08 - Shia LeBeouf

Saturday Night Live: 5/10/08 - Shia LeBeouf

While looking for Andy videos, we found several videos from this week's episode that do not feature Andy Samberg.

So sit back and enjoy videos from what I think was the most well rounded episode of Saturday Night Live that I've seen for the past few years. Each skit was funny. While the Digital Short wasn't the best, it was still funny, and even the commercials between Andy and Shia were so funny that they should have shown them on the show as well.

You can watch all the videos here without waiting for advertisements.


Message from Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton gives her take on the Democratic nomination

This video is pretty funny. It's definitely the funniest political video I've seen them do for the last few seasons, and Amy pulled it off by herself. Great job!

Interestingly, there is a comment from someone who claims to be Amy Poehler (and sounds an awful lot like what she'd say, except maybe for "whacked"):

"Anyone who doesn't understand that this is a satire on the mass media is seriously whacked! They will say anything to sell a media blurb, but we thought it would be fun to show the very funny twisted distortion of the truth they propagate. So any of you Hillary, Obama, or McCain fans out there, sorry to disappoint you, but this is about the mass media, SNL is nonpartisan. I hope you enjoyed it! :) Stay tuned for next week..."

Shia LaBeouf Monologue

Shia LaBeouf answers questions about the latest Indiana Jones movie

This is what I think is Darrell Hammond's only appearance. He appears as Sean Connery. Classic stuff.

Suze Orman

Suze has some amazing, creative, money tips!

The collar gag just about killed me. =^)

Girls Trying on Clothes

A mom and her daughters adopt the New York funky-style, no, yes!

I didn't find this one funny. Other people did, but I think this was the only unfunny skit from the episode. I guess the humor here was just seeing Shia in drag.

It's a Match

Murder visits the set of It's a Match!

The SNL players are pretty much not funny here, but Shia makes this skit unbelievably great!!!

This joke reminds me of the enormously popular David Blaine Street Magic series on YouTube. It's a parody sketch of David Blaine done in the style of a digital short:

Weekend Update: Part 1

Weekend Update with Grand Theft Auto, Liberty City Residents, Vlad and Niko

We also some nice gags at the beginning, and Seth coming on to Amy at the end.

Weekend Update: Part 2

Weekend Update with French Def Jam Comedian, Jean K. Jean

And here are the Andy Samberg skits. I wanted to include all the skits because this episode was so good. You've got to see all the skits together to appreciate how well rounded this episode was.

MacGruber: Father and Son

Explosive revelations tear apart the bond of family

Warning: Sexual jokes abound.

Vinny Talks: Shia LaBeouf

Vinny Vedecci sits down with Shia LaBeouf on Italian TV

Andy flips the switch a little too late.

He Likes You

Room full of guys with the same thing on their mind

My favorite skit from this episode. Did Andy write this? It totally seems like his humor, especially the singing.

Scared Straight

3 shoplifters get a graphic, yet weirdly familiar, warning from ex-con Macintosh

SNL Digital Short: The Best Look in the World

Dress shirt, black socks, no pants...


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