Monday, May 19, 2008

Saturday Night Live starting a month earlier in the fall

Good news for Andy fans...

Unless Andy quits or doesn't get his contract renewed (the latter is NOT going to happen), we'll see Andy a month earlier in the fall! Also, please note that Fred "thinks" it's true, so it might not be final yet.

From Fred's blog:

It's always a little sad on the last week of the season. I feel like everyone loves being there, and the heavy schedule allows me to ignore everything else in my life. Summer is the time for facing all of that! But the cast does hang out with each other on the off weeks, and I think we are starting a month earlier in the fall.

Fred also talks about his GTA4 impression:

Full blog:

Fred also recalls the Scared Straight skit that Andy was in:

My favorite memory of this one was watching Kenan do that "Scared Straight" character. He did it at the read-through on Wednesday and right away it killed me. Oh my god it made me laugh. He pronounced 'sit down' like "thiddaaown!"

And the best comments from the cheap seats (a.k.a. the comments section):

(Note: Some of these comments were removed for space reasons)

Trevor D:
Make a CD of all the digital shorts and skits that have singing in it. For instance like the newest SNL Digital Short can be on it also some songs from Blizzard man. I believe many fans of SNL would purchase this on Itunes. Keep up the good work.

Please tell Seth Myers to have that massive mole of his on the left side of his neck checked out.
That thing is so huge it's a wonder the make-up department doesn't cover it. Maybe they don't have enough stuff.
It should get billing, just after Casey, it is so big.
I was trying to watch Update but all I could see was that mole. It seemed angry.

What I loved this week ...
- Shia. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite hosts for the show.
- It's a Match. Shia's "little magic guy"
- Admirers. The initial shot of Andy had me rolling, then Bill's expression took it to another level.
Can't wait 'til Saturday with Carell. Keep up the great work, Fred.

Loved the GTA bit. Didn't you, Jason, and Bill do voices for the newest GTA game?
This was an excellent show - can't wait to see what Saturday's will bring.

(GTA game voices) Fred does ... Hot Dog vendor I think, which surprised me because it doesn't sound anything like him.
While we're on that subject, I rarely listen to any of the radio stations except for the talk radio. Jason's over-the-top, right-wing character is hilarious.

OH and are you guys gonna mention anything about the guy that got arrested cause he threw M&Ms at a cop? LOL


Some interesting comments there, especially about Fred, Jason, and Bill doing voices in GTA4 and the idea about SNL releasing a music CD (mostly with Andy's Digital Short songs and some Blizzard Man).


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