Sunday, January 03, 2010

What's your favorite Andy Samberg face?

These faces were originally assembled by Madison at Unreality Magazine...

Making the ugliest face you physically can for the amusement of others is a great move. We do it a lot when we’re little kids, but most of us tend to grow out of it eventually. It’s a shame, because even though making an ugly face is about as simple a “joke” someone can make, making ugly faces is a talent that should be celebrated regardless of age.

I’ve mentioned before that one of my favorite things about Andy Samberg is that he’s really, really good at making awesome and/or ugly faces. I don’t think Samberg’s a bad-looking guy by any means, but his exaggerated features enable him to twist his face in ways that would draw envy from even the most talented facial contortionists. When I think of guys who are great at making faces - which is somewhat of a lost “art” these days - I think of Jim Carrey, Bill Hader, and Andy Samberg. In terms of faces, Samberg probably cracks me up the most.

I’ve assembled a rather impressive gallery of photos that show Samberg doing what he does best. After the jump, enjoy some of the most ridiculous Andy Samberg faces you’ll ever see.

Here’s Andy making a pretty sweet face alongside Kenan Thompson and Fred Armisen. A good face is made even better when the people around you in a photograph are smiling normally.

Even criminal mastermind Martha Stewart can’t stop Andy from making awesome faces.

Andy acting like a jacka$$ with some fans. Not a great face, but good enough to make this picture funny.

[EDitor: Actually, this is just a look-alike fan at a Halloween party. So this fan gets the last laugh.]

Thumb-wrestling face.

A very quality staring-out-into-space face.

Andy as Dustin Diamond on Weekend Update.

Some pants-ji@@ing action, accompanied by a great face.

Andy seems to really like his new purse.

Pretty sweet vampire face.

Andy in Hot Rod making stupid faces while playing with his toys.

Craig Robinson and Joanna Newsome also appreciate a good Samberg face.

Wow. I think we have a winner.

[EDitor: From his intro video when hosting the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Thanks Anony!]

Not really a face per se, but this photo shows how animated Samberg is when he’s doing pretty much anything.


What's your favorite Andy Samberg face?



Anonymous said...

...also Hot Rod Number 9 on 20 Best Comedies of the Last Ten Years. Pretty old but i just came across it.

Ed Price said...

Thanks Anony!


Anonymous said...

the martha stewart face has got to be my favorite!

Anonymous said...

no its not from like a boss but his mtv entrance video when he was starring at his only exit, throught the poo hole

Anonymous said...

also.... Hilarious Movies That Got Terrible Reviews:] (ps. is it lame that i came on this site more than once today? haha i cant help it, i love me some Andy:)

Ed Price said...

Anony3, Thanks for the info about the poo hole!

Anony4, Thanks for this new scoop! No, it's fabulous that you come here more than once a day. There's so much fun to be had here. =^)

Thanks to both of you!


Anonymous said...

im pretty sure the 3rd one is not Andy..

Ed Price said...


We mentioned that in the text. Please let me know if you think that wasn't clear. Thanks!


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