Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sarah Palin and Glen Beck offer to co-host SNL

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin may have just made NBC an offer they can't refuse, after watching videos of Saturday Night Live sketches making fun of each of them.

"Sarah and I would like to make an offer to NBC," said Beck. "Would you like to make the offer?

"I think we should co-host." said Palin. "How could they say no?"

The two then made a personal wager between each other -- Beck saying that NBC won't accept, Palin saying that they will -- with the stake of the bet being a steak. Palin added: "I can envision episode after episode of things that I could mock myself."

Here's the video:

When Sarah was on, Andy Samberg did the Palin rap with Amy Poehler (he was an eskimo). So it would be interesting to see what he would do with her hosting.



Anonymous said...

"How could they say no?" What the hell? Tina Fey is SNL's Palin forever! :D

Anonymous said...

this is stupid. I don't want to see politicians host snl. I don't give a damn about sarah palin. She's so yesterday. I'm not american so I have no clue who the other guy is. can't be that famous if I've never heard of him over here in switzerland.
I don't think they will say yes to their offer, maybe they'll take sarah without the other guy.

Has there ever been a two-person hosted show (except for the olsen twins)?

Anonymous said...

I want to correct myself... I would want to see politicians host snl, just not sarah palin. :)

Ed Price said...


Well, the point is that SNL made fun of both of them with the Palin 2012 fake trailer. So I think it's a reasonable offer. They're willing to go on and make fun of themselves.

About other duo co-hosting, I don't know all the instances, but off the top of my head I think the Olson twins (you mentioned), I remember Rosanne and Tom hosting together, and I also remember Dan Aykroyd and John Goodman hosting together (promoting a Blues Brothers sequel).


Anonymous said...

If they let that hypocritical narrow-minded a-hole putz Beck host- I may have to give up watching SNL that night. I'm not for Palin either, but I could atleast stand her and mentally bypass her while enjoying the others. Hmmm. Unless they only put them on "What up with that?!" and give them the passing over treatment, I would love that. It would make me happy and I can pat my belly and die. Laughing, that is.

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