Saturday, January 09, 2010

Is Andy Samberg's Mark Wahlberg impression "played out?"

ZOË RICE: Andy Samberg and the animals. It’s all fine and cute. I can’t imagine anyone going gaga over this sketch, but it’s a better end to the evening than the previous one, that’s for sure.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Enjoyable enough. This one might be played out, though.

STEVE MURPHY: Cute as usual. Not laugh out loud funny, but a nice, short little dessert to a pretty funny Christmas show!

Excerpt from:

What do you think? Is this skit played out? I think it was still great, but I think Andy could mix it up a little better than this and make it a little fresher and more different (but still good).



Unknown said...

i was wondering if you knew if andy had won at the peoples choice awards..

and also this. it is for the play Jorma's wife is in>>>

its says there will be a surprise guest... Andy maybe? :]

Nicky said...

I loved that sit! Especially the partridge part.

"Hey Partridge, where's your pear tree? Oh, there it is."

I don't think it was that "played out". :)

Nicky said...

oops, *skit* xD

marissa said...

Today my friend told me that Andy is leaving Saturday Night Live. is this true?
I hope not :(

Anonymous said...

i lol during this skit

Anonymous said...

for 1st anony andy would not be the suprise guest he is no more famous then seth meyers and if they have him advertised as regular it will not be him, maybe jimmy fallon or someone in higher rank

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