Monday, July 26, 2010

Favorable review of Andy Samberg's latest digital short

Here's a review from a journalist:

Andy Samberg’s “Great Day” digital short (video below) was one of his best of the season.


But it’s never much fun to join the chorus of voices critiquing the show that just aired; I’d much rather list the changes I’d like to see made for next season:

• Fire Jenny Slate. Then push her into traffic.
• Hire a black female cast member.
• No sketches longer than five minutes. It’s unrealistic to expect every skit to be a winner, but a dud that goes on for six minutes is inexcusable.
• Outsource more decisions to Facebook. Even though we’re an overly critical rabble, the Internet has a better feel for what makes “SNL” good than Lorne Michaels does these days.
• Seriously, Jenny Slate has to go.


This guy's a Jenny Slate hater! I don't know. Jenny really hasn't done enough for me to hate her, and I thought her commercials were hilarious. But yeah, she needs a hit or something.

Thanks to Anony for the scoop!



Anonymous said...

Shut up about jenny. she is trying. Lets see you work on a show 24/6.

Ed Price said...


I agree. But I should mention that the person who wrote that won't read your comment. You'll probably need to follow the link and leave a comment over there for the author to read it.



Anonymous said...

But really Jennny isn't funny, like at all..... Hopefully they'll fire her.

and it's 24/7.

nonnahs said...

they work on the show 6days a week thats that person wrote 24/6

Anonymous said...

I would only agree with the writer (OP) about some diversity, but I think it could be any type of any funny person of any diverse, less represented, race, it would just add some extra spice to the equation. JMO

Anonymous said...

Jenny has done a couple things that were funny BUT she messes up too much. In the Megan Fox episode she said "fuckin" instead of "frickin" and you could see it all over her face... and then in the Taylor Lautner episode, she reads Bill Hader's line off the cue card at one point, which he then has to read too. It's the one where Taylor plays a girl obsessed with Rob Pattinson. That skit would have been soo much more hilarious without her flub.

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