Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Does Andy Samberg look like Robbie from Victorious?

Robbie Shapiro

Robbie is a shy and awkward student at Hollywood Arts, so it makes sense that he is more comfortable speaking through a "dummy." Robbie is a master ventriloquist and Rex is his alter-ego his and very hip companion.

The actor is MATT BENNETT: Matt's acting education began with the Long Island-based "Way Off Broadway" acting company. He first performed, alongside Carly Simon, with "The Yard", an acclaimed artists colony in Martha's Vineyard. He continued studying acting with the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York and soon began working in voiceover and commercials. Most recently, he guest starred in the premiere of Comedy Central's "Michael & Michael Have Issues." He also co-wrote and starred in the short film, "Text Me," for which he also composed and performed the original music.

I loves me some mini-Samberg <3 (Matt Bennett)

squoctobird said:

I sent @DanWarp a tweet saying that Andy Samberg should show up on Victorious as Robbie’s older brother or uncle or something like that. I would say Dad, but Andy isn’t old enough for that I don’t think. But yes, they need to acknowledge the like-ness
From: (link seems to not be working anymore)

Should Andy Samberg guest star on Victorious as Robbie's older brother (or cousin)? What do you think?

Thanks to Anony for the scoop (the original link doesn't seem to be working anymore).



Anonymous said...

that guy kinda looks like a younger uglier version of andy. He just doesn't have the charisma in his simle like andy does. that sassy comedian look he's got going on!

Miss Brooke said...

Yes! I'm glad someone brought it up! When I first saw Robbie on Victorious, I was like Andy??? Lol. Yea, it would great if Mr. Samberg would do a guest appearance on the show, maybe playing Future Robbie? ^_^

Anonymous said...

He does? My friends and I noticed that! And he totally should. I would be obseesed with that episode.

Amy said...

Omg that pic looks like Lindsay Lohan and Andy Samberg. That's so cool!

Faith:D said...

He does because of the lips and glasses. But does he have a big nose? I dunno.

Jenelle:] said...

I watch Victorious sometimes, and I think it would be a HILARIOUS episode. But in one of the new Victorious episodes ("The Wood") they actually ACKNOWLEDGE the likeness! Some guy shouts at Robbie/Matt "Are you Andy Samberg?". Unfortunately, that probably means that Andy won't be on Victorious, now that they've mentioned it.

Gracey said...

yes! i was just talking about this to my sis, she totally ageried! but robbie is a bit on the cutier side, just so cute!

Anonymous said...

they always talk about how he looks like andy samberg, people mistake him for andy samberg in the show

Kait said...

They also mentioned it in iParty with Victorious (when Kenan Thompson guest-starred), and when Robbie got up on stage to rap, somebody said, "Get off the stage, Samberg!" (Then his puppet rapped, for anyone who cares.)I think Andy should guest-star and everybody thinks it's Robbie.

Anonymous said...

thAt kid looks like andy not the other way around. that guy is probobly younger than andy. it makes more scince that way

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