Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island - new album!!!


Thanks to Janey for the scoop!

Regarding the rumors that Andy won't be in it (mostly because he isn't in this video):

Not likely. He's probably just too busy to film this bit cuz he's on SNL now. I know he isn't split with TLI because the dudes helped him write and make his Emma Stone promos and the Grape Jelly digital short. They aren't split.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

great brief article on the announcement of the new album and the dudes- also to back your blurb up on the three of them aren't split- that's andy's voice at the end rapping :


Anonymous said...

TLI were just crowned number 3 superstars on the web by rude tube you can watch again on Channel 4s - 4od

Connie said...

I'd swear on my life it's Akiva rapping at the end.

I never (really) assumed Andy wouldn't be on this, but it's a little weird that he's the most famous/recognisable member of TLI and yet they made an ad without him. No offence to Jorm and Kiv but I woulda thought it'd make more marketing sense to push the fact that it's an Andy Samberg project.

I'm totally psyched for this...unless Grape Jelly and Boogerman are on it, then I'll pass!

Ed Price said...

Anony 2,

Thanks for the link!

Actually, that's Kiv's voice at the end. Kive has a few rapping voices, and I love this whiny voice he does. Jorma also sets it up by saying, "2011! Let's get 'em Kiv!"

That's part of what is fueling the rumors that Andy's not involved. However, my response is that I think Andy is too busy to promote the album right now, but that doesn't mean he's not in the album.


Anonymous said...

You posted an article a few weeks ago that said there were rumors that Jorma and Akiva weren't returning to SNL this season.

Akiva is definitely back, but I don't think Jorma returned. Watch the credits at the end of the Emma Stone episode. His name isn't listed. He hasn't received an SNL credit all season.

I don't know that Andy split from TLI, but something is definitely up.

Anonymous said...

TheKinkySurgeon said...

if jorma really did leave snl it would kind of explain why the digital shorts haven't been this great so far and there has not been a song so far.
i think andy should take his chances with the lonely island, i'd rather see him do his own thing with jorma and kiv than see him on snl forever. snl's digital shorts are not digital shorts if they're not from the dudes.
(at least to me)

also andy recently talked about how there would be a second album and i'm sure he's on that album. it's not the lonely island with just two of the dudes.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if there will be a lazer cats digital short this year if jorma left the show

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