Saturday, January 19, 2008

Andy Samberg - Threw up before he auditioned for SNL

Update: We added the breakdown of this interview with Andy Samberg. See the comments below the video.


Here is a 2007 interview with Andy Samberg.


The Breakdown:

0:08 - "Yeah! I also enjoyed Laser Cats!" Andy actually enjoys his work.

0:21 - TLI weren't really planning; they were just constantly trying to make each other laugh.

0:24 - They grew up in Berkley.

0:46 - "The Whoop Whoop!"

0:49 - He had to audition twice for SNL.

0:56 - It wasn't a failure; they just made him come back for more. It was within a 3 week span.

1:00 - The first time he didn't throw up.

1:26 - The morning of the second audition, he threw up.

1:32 - The auditions were 7-8 minutes. They were different (so I guess he did different jokes). It sounds like they asked him to come back with more characters.

1:35 - He had to make up impressions and characters for the audition.

1:43 - In the audition, he did an impression of the Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show. This skit was done twice on SNL.

1:48 - He did an impression of Jimmy Fallon. I haven't seen him do Jimmy on SNL.

1:49 - He did an impression of Alan Rickman ("McClaine!" from Die Hard). I haven't seen him do Rickman on SNL.

1:54 - He made up characters for the audition.

1:56 - He did the Out of Breath Jogger from 1982. This skit was done once (maybe twice?) on SNL.

1:59 - He made up the jogger character the night before the audition.

2:22 - Lorne really like the jogger character.

2:29 - He gets ideas in the shower.

2:35 - It takes him about 15 minutes to write out his ideas.

2:39 - Sometimes he and the dudes just sit around and talk out ideas.

3:21 - Andy did a joke at a youth hostile. He was drunk when he did his comedy show, and that was his worse show he's ever had.

"I bounced back."

We love you, Andy!

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