Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saturday Night Live: 3/15/08 - Jonah Hill and Mariah Carey

4/13/08 Update: We added a video with Kristen Wiig and Jonah Hill doing the Suze Orman Show. Pretty funny, but no Andy.


Cold Open: Gov. Spitzer
Gov. Spitzer announces his new line of work

Bill Hader's just not funny here. The topic is good, but this skit wasn't funny.

Suzie Orman Show
Kristen Wiig and Jonah Hill (Will Forte on the phone)

SNL - Suze Orman Show

Really with Seth and Amy: Spitzer
Really with Seth and Amy

This is a funnier take on the Spitzer news.

Weekend Update: Tracy Morgan
Black is the new President...

Hilarious ending. Tracy rocks. This is Chris Rock worthy.

I'm glad that SNL is doing some pro-Obama shtick. They were going pro-Hillary for two episodes. However, if they continue concentrating on the presidential elections, they really need to start covering McCaine. They don't seem to be covering him any (whether positive or negative).

Six Year Old
A 6 year-old is on fire at Benihana

How did Jonah get chosen to host SNL? LOL

Does anyone find him funny? I consider those audience laughs courtesy laughs.

MacGruber: All Three Shorts
All three shorts of MacGruber, including the Life Coach short (also featuring Bill Hader)

MacGruber: The Bank
MacGruber tries to diffuse a workplace rumor and a bomb with similar results

Jorma writes these.

MacGruber: Paint Factory
MacGruber loses it and hands over his job with similar results

This one has what I consider to be the funniest ending of all these MacGruber videos.
Is MacGruber explosion proof?



Ford on the Phone
The most uncoordinated president in history.

SNL is also posting their old presidential material. This really tells you how old SNL is, if Gerald Ford was being made fun of by SNL. Here's the great Chevy Chase:

Some of these are old gags, but they were new when Chevy was doing them. =^)

Chevy Chase owned physical comedy. It only took him one season to get super popular and leave for the movie business.

Ford's Speech
The debut of Chevy Chase's President Ford impression!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I thought the Digital Short was funny for once.
The rest of the episode totally blew though.

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