Saturday, April 12, 2008

Andy Samberg - Looks like Ashton Kutcher's Twin (SNL Promo, 4/12/08)

Ashton and Andy announce the upcoming episode, with Gnarls Barkley

This is for 4/12/08

Andy Samberg is hilarious! (Like you didn't know.)

It's hard for the SNL cast members to compete with Andy like this. I wonder if they just reserve Andy for when the hosts specifically request him, because my hunch is that they request him a lot to be in stuff like this, so hey only use him when he is requested (and they try to fit in the other cast members as much as possible in the other times).

For example, last week they had Kristen do one commercial with Walken and Amy do another.

With Ellen Page, they put Andy in 4 of them (2 with Bill also, and 2 with Kristen), so they were obviously trying to get others in on the Andyness as well.

Here Andy and Ashton want you to watch SNL on time:

I wonder if the SNL producers asked Andy to say something like this to try to get people to start watching on time.




Anonymous said...

For real, who doesn't love Andy? This one guy on doesn't. But other than him, who doesn't?
Why don't more people comment? Commenting is a fun time. Get in on it people.

Ed Price said...

Which one guy? Is it that Samberg Hater who beats up on stuff in his basement? That guy posts on YouTube and we've blogged him twice.

Yeah. Get in on it people. There were 850 page impressions on this site yesterday (4/12). So I know you're out there!!!


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