Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fred Armisen - Likes Andy's Mirror sketch

Fred Armisen liked a few of Andy's sketches from the Ellen Page episode (bolded). From Fred...

Ellen Page and Wilco

I loved this episode. So many surprise guests and one of my favorite bands ever.

Ellen Page was great to have around. Easy going and friendly and was up for doing anything. I thought she was so good in everything too.

As I look at photos from this episode (thank you new and improved SNL site!) I remember that I really enjoyed this one. Watching Virginiaca from my dressing room, I was laughing all the way through. And that digital short! I have watched that online over and over. It's somehow scary and insanely funny at the same time.

Having Hillary Clinton there was just unreal. It's a different level of excitement when a political figure makes an appearance. She was so nice and seemed very happy to be there. The people on her staff were super cool as well. I still can't believe it happened.

Vincent D'Onofrio's appearance was surreal in another way in that I see him on TV all the time. I love how he confronts criminals in the last five minutes of "Criminal Intent" and I liked being two feet away from him doing that in the cold open.

Will Forte sounded SO much like Brian Williams in that sketch btw, didn't he? He told me that he happened upon that by accident over the summer. He was trying to do this other voice and all of a sudden realized "Hey...that sounds like Brian Williams!"

Wilco were amazing and it meant a lot to me that they were there. The band are old friends of mine and I used to work for Jeff Tweedy's wife at a club she owned in Chicago. Jeff used to play there all the time, so seeing him on the SNL stage while his wife and kids were backstage was amazing to me. And yes I am name dropping.

The Peter Pan sketch was so much fun, but man we must have rehearsed that a million times. The way it was shot was complicated, so we had to get it right for the cameras. Everyone in the cast gets punchy when we have to do that. I wish you could see how we pass the time when we are standing on the set around waiting for another rehearsal.
Very immature stuff.

Okay, thanks!


No, thank you, Fred!

From the comments...


I'm wondering why you didn't talk about her much-blogged about lesbian skit. It was all the talk in the gossip blogs after it aired. People were wondering what she was saying in it. = Did Ellen have any input in that skit or was it the writers who thought of the whole thing?


From what I've seen, the hosts have a ton of control (just about all of it), and my guess was that it was Ellen's idea, and that she felt the most comfortable around Andy, so she requested him to be in most of her skits (and he was).


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