Sunday, December 07, 2008

Gawkers chime in on Andy Samberg and the Paul Rudd SNL episode

The show was pretty funny, but I kept feeling like it wasn't quite making the best use of Rudd (except for the digital short, where his deadpan weirdness was great).

Gotta say, I didn't love the digital short this week. I think they've been actually fairly weak this season. Time for Andy Samberg to change it up.

Paul Rudd is a very very funny man so I actually watched this crapfest for the first time in ages just to see what use they would make of him--and they didn't. It was a sausagefest of pathetic white male sexual anxiety, and some of lamest borderline offensive gay jokes I've seen on television in years. Let it die, NBC, let it die...

The show was nearly-unwatchable this week (and I like Paul Rudd) --- EVERY sketch was either about being secretly gay or the fear of being gay.

Since when did NBC restrict its clips to USA-only?! I want to see Andy naked, dammit!

Which one of you tech people knows how to unpixelate things?

With the exception of a sketch or two featuring Kristen Wiig acting twitchy, this episode of SNL followed the pretty standard formula:
1 - political sketch that isn't totally funny unless Tina Fey is in it.
1 - Commercial parody
Every other sketch built on the premise that the interchangeable male actors are ambiguously gay or overly affectionate or both.

Even my mad crush on Paul Rudd can't make me watch Saturday Night Clips and Andy Samberg. It's just too much pain for the pleasure.

If I have to see Andy Sandberg's face one more time, I swear I will never read Gawker again! I hate being made a SUCKER. Do you hear me?! Do you HEAR ME?!!1!

I kept waiting for the episode to get funny and it never happened. I think the only funny part was Justin Timberlake giving the run-down of the episode he would have been on next week.

The timberlake "Single Girl" dance with Beonce was hilarious, his "update" was pretty good too.

Timberlake in the leotard in the dance skit and all the regulars. A very, very funny show! Some new very classic skits!

I thought the digital short was genius, almost python-esque.

Get the buttah:
That picture of him with his blurry hot spot is making me queaze.

Aw, they're wearing T-shirts from my alma mater. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing...

I think 90% of the sketches had some gay joke in there. Was that an intentional Prop 8 thing or just lazy writing? I suspect the latter.


Note to Kazzah and others: most of the clips we show here on this blog can be viewed internationally.


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