Monday, March 08, 2010

Was Andy Samberg at Joanna Newsom's Jimmy Fallon performance?

Seeing how Andy Samberg is dating Joanna, good friends with Jimmy, and located in New York, then yeah, he was probably there.

janey897 sent in a link to this great video.

Janey said, "i really want to believe it was andy screaming "yeah!" at 5:46:)"

Maggie also thinks it might be Andy shaking Jimmy's hand at the end.

Check it out!

Thanks Janey!



Ashley said...

Speaking of Jimmy:

Andy will be on tonight.

Maggie said...

could that maybe be andy right at the end there? the guy who shakes jimmy's hand?

Anonymous said...

is she serious with that voice? and the mouth movement???

is this all a big joke or what? i dont get it

Anonymous said...

she WAS TERRIBLE! but anyway that was not him at the end but before the commerical started they showed a clip of the back room where people wait and you saw kiev and fred armisten sitting on the couch in the background watching the show. And you saw joanna on the otherside but her head was cutoff by the camera and someone was holding her hand. O god bless andy

Unknown said...

during the commercial andy sees the camera then backs up so hes not in view

Unknown said...

during the commercial andy sees the camera then backs up so hes not in view

It Builds Character. said...

As I suspect I'm one of the few big Joanna Newsom fans that reads this blog (and not just for Joanna, I'm a fan of Andy, too), I thought her performance was fantastic. Lots of singers make weird faces. As long as she's on key (which a lot of "singers" these days can't do live), that's what matters.

Anyway, she's notoriously shy and looked like it when she was done, so I thought it was cool when Jimmy Fallon started talking to her and she just lit up and he hugged her.

Hate her all you want, but Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen, and the Lonely Island guys have been spotted at her concerts, so Andy's friends obviously like her.

Makenzie, said...

I agree with It Builds Character. She did well and please don't act like you don't like her just because she is dating Andy. I like her and her music and I love Andy Samberg a whole lot!

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