Sunday, March 28, 2010

Andy Samberg at University of Florida

So this seems like two separate events...

The Davis interview seems to be different than this one where Andy threw his bottle water on the ground and was interviewed by a respectful professor isntead. Observe...

Andy Samberg said he was sneaking to watch late-night professional wrestling as a kid when he discovered "Saturday Night Live."

"I kind of found it by accident ... and just became obsessed with it," he said.

Samberg, a cast member on the show for the past five years, spoke Tuesday at the University of Florida's O'Connell Center to a crowd of about 5,000. He is best known for musical parodies on "SNL" including "Lazy Sunday," "I'm on a Boat" and a couple with names unprintable in a newspaper, a few of which were shown during the event.

"Stupid and weird - I would say those easily describe what I do," he said.

Samberg said he wanted to be on "SNL" since the age of 8. His devotion to comedy could be frustrating to teachers, he said, although they might take a different view today.

"Then they'd probably say 'Just shut up, just shut up, just stop talking,'" he said. "Now they'd say, 'We had a special connection.' "

Mike Foley, a master lecturer in journalism at UF, interviewed Samberg for the event. Foley asked a variety of random questions, some suggested by his students. Most were met by smart-aleck answers.

What would Samberg do if he was a woman for a day?

"I'd probably try to have a baby," he said.

What's next with singer Justin Timberlake, his song-parody collaborator?


Who would he want in the next bed if he was in the hospital?

"A doctor."

Samberg was paid $72,000 for the event and, as part of the contract, no photographs or video recordings were allowed. The ACCENT student-run speakers bureau sponsored the event as part of Jewish Awareness Month, a distinction that led Samberg to rate his placement on the Jewish scale.

"On a scale of like Hitler to Moses ... I'd say probably somewhere between Larry David and Steven Spielberg," he said.


Hmmm. Maybe Andy was the one who wasn't quite being respectful this time. It seems that if he's paid $72K for this, he'd want to give people what they paid for... answers. Still interesting though.

The coolest part here is that Andy reveals when he was first introduced to SNL at age 8.

Thanks to Tiffany for the scoop!


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