Sunday, March 07, 2010

Andy wasn't in the digital short this week

He was only in one skit this week, called Bidet.

The digital short focuses more on Zach:

Zach Galifianakis gets some serious screen time.

Still a funny short though. Simple and funny. A lot of people banded together to make it happen...

Film Zach Drops By The Set :

Zach Galifianakis
Anthony Anderson
Brian Williams
Jack McBrayer
Jane Krakowski
Jeremy Sisto
Mehmet Oz

And I think I saw Kristen Wiig in the audience at the end.

Plus the dudes most likely did the shooting and chopping (editing).

From Joni... it was guest-directed by Dudes' friend, Jonathan Krisel (Tim & Eric) w/Zack Galifianakis.



Anonymous said...

Does anyone else feel like they've been barely using andy for the past couple weeks? What's up with that?

jasmine said...

I agree! I miss seeing Andy in a lot of the skits. I think the skits are better when he's in them(:

Ed Price said...


Yeah, but it makes sense. Andy doesn't write skits for himself, he doesn't work with the other writers to make skits for him, and he doesn't even ask to be used in skits. He used to try to be involved a lot more, for the first few years. Now he just relies on the digital shorts.

He isn't really motivated to be in more than one skit a week, since he's paid per episode, not per skit (and being in more skits just knocks other people out). So he just appears in skits when it makes sense. Sometimes there are hosts who are very comfortable with Andy, and he ends up in lots of skits that week.


Anonymous said...

i think it's bullshit.

why would he only want to be in one skit? he has his two best friends sitting in the writers department and they don't write stuff for him (other than the digital shorts)??? it doesn't make sense to me.

lorne should know what's good for the show and make the writers put andy in more skits.

if he's not motivated anymore to do it himself, maybe he should leave snl... just a thought...

Ed Price said...

Anony 2,

Understood. Check out today's post for more info about this. Thanks!


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