Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3 Current SNL Characters That Need Their Own Movie?

This past weekend, Will Forte's MacGruber became the next in a long line of Saturday Night Live characters that have made the jump from short sketch to full length movie. Some, like The Blues Brothers and Wayne's World were wildly successful while others, not so much. Can you say, SUPERSTAR!

Hit or miss, there's no doubt that studios are already studying recent episodes of Saturday Night Live looking for the next big thing. Let's pray they stay away from Kenan Thompson's "What's Up with That" and head more toward these top three characters that would make a great SNL movie.

3. Lorenzo MacIntosh's (Kenan Thompson) Sacred Straight program would be perfect on the big screen considering the fact that all of his horror stories are already taken from blockbuster action flicks.

2. "The Two A-Holes" Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig) would be just the ticket for a "Real Housewives" mockumentary movie. Right, babe? Don't you think so, babe?

1. Laser Cats are Go! Andy Samberg and Bill Hader have already done most of the work with their series of digital shorts for SNL. String together the pieces and you've got a parody scifi movie that can finally beat that cat playing piano video on YouTube. Hear that? That's the sound of James Cameron clearing his calendar.



Nooooo!!! No Lorenzo and no A-Holes!!! You've got to be kidding me!

However, Laser Cats could be hilarious!

What do you think?


TheKinkySurgeon said...

I agree with you! no lorenzo and no a-holes movies please! that would just be a disaster :P

uhm if I had to choose something to get on the big screen I would probably want the key party sketch to be a movie (which isn't even that far away from being realised... if only seth wrote it already)

in general, I'd love to see a movie that's all written by seth meyers. I love his humor.

lazer cats is good because it's amateur style, I can't really imagine how they would turn that into a movie.

Unknown said...

Maybe they can do a black-and-white movie with Bill Hader's Vincent Price and other cast members as various characters. I'd watch it!

Anonymous said...

Laser Cats would be AWESOME!!! I would watch it. It can be like Hot Rod only with cats that shoot lasers. It would be directed by Akiva so itll have the same sence of humor and I would love to see Andy and Bill in a movie together again :]

Lorenzo and the a-holes wouldn't be a great idea. But I do think the Lorenzo sketch could be turned into a great script if they have good writers. Also the Scared Straight sketch is only funny because Bill laughs and then they all end up laughing

Ed Price said...

Rishab, I agree that a Vincent Price movie could be hilarious!

Jennifer, what's the key party sketch?

Jennifer, after watching MacGruber, I can see how they'd do an excellent job with a Laser Cats movie. Basically, they just set it up like a science fiction adventure movie, and then they mess it up with random humor. Very similar to what they did with MacGruber (they set it up like a normal action movie and then just twisted it all up whenever they could).

Anony, I agree that Scared Straight really is only funny because the actors try to make each other laugh. Watching Kenan's character would be more torturous than Ladies Man.


TheKinkySurgeon said...

so basically key party is a sketch about 4 weird couples. they go to a party and the men put their keys in a bowl and at the end the women take a random key out of the bowl and leave with the man the key belongs to.

I found something on hulu, but since I can't watch hulu myself I just hope it's the right one :P

I know there's a key party sketch in the episode with colin farrell.

I think seth could write a brilliant comedy about this with an all snl cast.

Ed Price said...


That is a great premise! In the video, they end up doing an orgy led by Horatio Sanz in drag, but the premise could be pretty funny for a date-night like comedy of errors.


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