Sunday, August 22, 2010

Andy Samberg loses the Emmy to Randy Newman

Randy Newman beats Andy Samberg & Co. to win Best Original Music & Lyrics Emmy.

Newman won for his song When I’m Gone which was written for the finale of Monk, beating Shy Ronnie.


Thanks to Janey for the scoop!

So this was Andy's third Emmy nomination (**** in a Box, Mother Lover, and now Shy Ronnie). Andy won the Emmy for **** in a Box. He was also nominated for a Grammy for I'm on a Boat.



Anonymous said...

Doesn't Randy Newman have enough awards? I hope Fred makes fun of him again for this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us!!! >:(

Anonymous said...

While there's little news could someone explain why Andy is dressed as a viking (or something?) in Natalie's Rap? I'm sure there's a very simple explanation but it has always baffled me!

Ed Price said...


He just thought it would be funny, since he's like playing the cool outlaw. Sort of to break a serious streak with a silly/random gag.

So it's not really complicated.

This is how I think it happened... Andy: "Well, what should I wear?" Akiva: Something bad-@$$!" Andy: "Okay, I'll look in the costumes and see what I can find!" Akiva: "Okay." (15 minutes later) Andy: "Hey, Akiva, guess what I found!" Akiva: "That's hilarious!"


Connie said...

Well yeah, if they're gonna nominate one of the least funny shorts all season...if 'On The Ground' got nominated I'd be pissed that they lost, but 'Shy Ronnie'? Does it really deserve an Emmy? It's no 'Dick In A Box', come on now...

Ed Price said...


Good points, but I don't think the goal was to nominate for humor. They were going for originality of lyrics and style of music. On the Ground was hilarious, but not necessarily the freshest and most artistic musically.

That's why Mother Lover was nominated last year and Ji$$ in my Pants was not.



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