Saturday, September 04, 2010

Is Andy Samberg going to be in this upcoming season of SNL?

Read our thoughts on the bottom.

Will Any Current Stars Get The Boot?

Even more intriguing then the addition of [four] new performers is the accompanying suggestion that producer Lorne Michaels might be giving some current SNL cast members the ol’ heave-ho. As of today, Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis and Kenan Thompson have yet to indicate if they were re-hired, which could mean a big shake-up is in store, as well as a hysterical tear-filled farewell to any future Samberg-Timberlake comedic gems. We hope the noobs are only an expansion, not a replacement, for the current cast. Because we will be da[rn]ned if we’ll give up “What’s Up With That?” without a fight.

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So we know that Andy was planning on coming back. He said so. And we know that he has one year more on his original contract (a six year contract), because he said so.

So why would he leave this season? It wouldn't be smart to kick him off the show, especially with new blood to stir up his creativity.

So I think he has one or two more seasons in him.

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

it's already too many new faces! as far as i'm concerned they won't even be able to show off all they got with all the competition. also: bobby, abby, nasim and jenny won't be able to carry the show on their shoulders should all the "good ones" go.
there's no talk about bill hader in this article, is he def coming back? I can't to snl without him or andy!

Anonymous said...

That's right. There's to many new people! And Nasim and Jenny are probably still gonna be feature players. So that'll mean there would be 6 feature players? That's too much! Unless Jenny and Nasim leave. I wouldn't watch SNL without Bill or Andy, they're the one that makes the show!

Anonymous said...

I ain't watching SNL without Bill or Andy! They're my favorites and they make a great comedy duo

I hope the get rid of Jenny and Nasim. I mean, the feature players are the future of SNL and if they're not good then the show won't be good later on. I hope the new feature player are funny. We gotta keep SNL going! It'll be great if they're good enough to be the next Jimmy Fallon or Tina Fey or even Will Farrell

Anonymous said...

I reckon Jenny is my most likely to get the boot. I have an inkling that Andy is one of Lornes favs, if so he's pretty safe. And Andy loves it there too so I think he will stay on for another 2-3 seasons (including this one).

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