Sunday, January 02, 2011

Ask ASB: When did Hot Rod come out?

This might be a lame question to some people, but somebody asked it, and we probably have some newer Andy fans who don't know this. So it's time for...

Ask Andy Samberg Blog: When did Hot Rod come out?

August 3, 2007, but Will Ferrell first brought it to Lorne and Andy immediately after Lazy Sunday blasted off (Lazy Sunday was released in December 2005).

Rewind. First, Pam Brady wrote it with Will Ferrell in mind. (Pam Brady wrote on South Park, Just Shoot Me, and Team America: World Police.)

Here's Pam:

She pitched it to Will, who loved it, but it wasn't a high priority on his acting table (he was going for bigger budgets and bigger bangs), so he decided to produce it instead (this is quite normal where actors decline to act in a film, but they end up producing it instead).

So when Lazy Sunday blew up (and pretty much put YouTube and, thus, NBC Videos, on the map), Will Ferrell thought of Andy, and so Will approached Lorne to see what Lorne thought. Lorne agreed that the boy should get a break. So Andy Samberg was attached to it in early 2006.

At first they thought that the writer (Pam Brady of South Park) might direct it. But Andy immediately pitched Akiva to direct and so the producers (including Will Ferrell, Lorne Michaels, and Seth Meyers) let the Lonely Island boys run with it. It took them a year and a half to make it and release it.

And because Lazy Sunday got them the film, they had to find a bit role for Chris Parnell (even though he was let go from SNL a second time by that point).

And here are two bonus questions and answers about Hot Rod...

What song plays during the riot scene?
"You're The Voice" by John Farnham.

Does Rod kill Frank at the end?
No, he uses the Tai-Chi move he learned from Denise to make Frank instantly crap his pants.

To which 80s movies does Hot Rod pay homage? (from Anony)
The punch-dancing scene is a nod to Footloose, and the scene where the old man oils up Rod is a nod to Roadhouse.



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Anonymous said...

Another good Hot Rod question: To which 80s movies does Hot Rod pay homage? The punch-dancing scene is a nod to Footloose, and the scene where the old man oils up Rod is a nod to Roadhouse. Any others?

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